Bush sends delegates to Ghana

In a shocking and unprecedented move, the Bush administration earlier this week sent a diplomatic delegation to Ghana to hold talks over the two nations’ world cup game on Thursday June 22, 2006.

It is believed that the talks were geared towards guaranteeing a win for the US side. Leaks from Ghana officials indicate that the US delegation had strict instructions to work out a deal that would have their team gracefully concede the game with the US promising favorable trade terms in return.

The unfolding drama is creating a diplomatic shockwave around the world as it is expected to backfire on the US. It is believed that Ghana’s foreign affairs Minister Hon. Kwamena Ahwoi issued a stern warning to the US delegates assuring them that their days of intimidation and hegemony over the rest of the world are over.

US department of state officials have defiantly denied the allegations. White House press secretary Tony Snow quickly brushed off the question in a briefing yesterday. However there seems to be a growing concern that the US team will be eliminated from the world cup at the hands of an African team, a scenario that US officials want to avoid at any cost.

A US state department official requesting anonymity confirmed a brief meeting with top officials over this matter.

In response to Ghana FA’s concern over game fixing, FIFA president Blatter issued a statement assuring Ghana that FIFA will uphold the integrity of the game.

As more on this is emerging it is putting pressure on already a diplomatic sensitive US – Africa relations as China continues to assert its economic influence in Africa.

The Bush administration which will face one of its most embarrassing diplomatic moves if any of this proves to be true has already started working on a fall out plan. In addition the president is set to deliver a message of goodwill to both teams before the game.

NGN International News.


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