The art of drinking

It is not clear where drinking started but it is agreed that alcohol has been a part of many cultures for many years. Even in the bible God’s son decided that a party aint no party unless there is a good supply of Alcohol. And who can blame JC, he probably never even wanted to go to the wedding, everyone was getting bored so he just used the easiest trick in the books. Add alcohol.

But why do we drink? For the buzz, to get drunk or just to socialize? Of course there is the social lubricant part which most people use for defense, a weak defense I must say.

But perhaps most important are the medical reasons. Alcohol consumption in moderation can contribute to a healthier lifestyle. Please note moderation is the key word here and obviously do not try to figure out what portion is moderate between the 6th and 8th beer, that is moderate alcoholism!

From Alzheimer’s disease to common cold, to non beautiful women and lame ass guys alcohol has been known to help. Very sober scientists have researched, analyzed and concluded that if possible we should make alcohol a part of our lives. I am not campaigning but rather presenting the facts.

So when you grab your next Amstelizi or Heineken, remember you might be working towards a longer and more fulfilling life.

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