KM’s Diary: 2nd Entry

Aki ya Mungu the devil is here !

Now you have to pardon me for the language I use to refer my mother in law but I find no other words even after 4 years as an English major in Nairobi University. Until recently I thought I only had one person to compromise with so that my marriage can work, oooh was I wrong.

Wangari’s mother has become involved with our marriage as much as I and Wangari. Since we started having problems we have become a party of four. Wangari, her mother, our shrink and I. It is quite far far away from any foursome I ever imagined. Trust me if she had not given birth to Wangari, I would have bet money that this woman is the devils right hand man.

We didn’t start out well with her. She never even approved of our relationship from the get go. She made it abundantly clear that Wangari was not of my class and I was lucky to have her as a wife. And as I write this I am sure she is talking with my wife telling her that this is the right opportunity to leave me and all my troubles.

I am a man of humble means and my luck in life has been quite non existent. Even though I am doing well now, I have gone through a lot. When I first arrived in this country I was shocked to realize that an English degree is not very useful in America. Initially as I flipped burgers at McDonalds I could not even hear the teenager who used to order everyone around.

There are several times I seriously almost strangled the young man. Taking orders from a boy my nephew’s age was humiliating. But I found a way and after several classes at the community college I got into a good position. Even though I am not at the level I would like to be I am much better off than my days trekking for work under the hot sun of Nairobi.

Given my back ground I can see why Wangari’s mother never thought much of me. Their family’s fortune is completely opposite of my own. There is no relative of theirs I know who doesn’t own 2 or more cars in Kenya and doesn’t embark on vacations abroad every year. To put it simply, they are loaded. All of the children have studied their diplomas in prestigious Universities abroad. Compare that to myself being the first person with a degree from University of Nairobi from our whole sub-location!

Wangari education included stops at Breaburn, Brookhouse, RVA and finally Harvard. So when I say her mother was not eager to see us wed, you must understand that Kabati high school which I proudly attended doesn’t hold up very well in their family.

Immediately Ms. Mukami arrived I realized there was going to be trouble. The woman complains about everything. Our house which we just bought a year ago doesn’t seem to satisfy her world. Within two days she was already laying her strategy to change my family. She thinks she is very cunning but I assure her KM was not born yesterday. I am giving her only two weeks and after we visit Wangari’s uncle in Boston she will have no excuse of staying around.

There is something I know about Ms. Mukami that her daughter doesn’t know. I have kept it from Wangari because I believe this secret would devastate her and possible end her relationship with her mother. I am sure Ms. Mukami doesn’t know that I know her evil secret but if she keeps up her behavior she will find out in the worst way possible.

It is not only because of Mr. Mukami’s affair with his secretary that Wangari’s parents are now separated. She has also cheated but that is the least important detail of her secret!

One thought on “KM’s Diary: 2nd Entry

  1. Well written account if I say so myself. I want to see what unfolds, this man has a gargantuan task ahead of him if I say so myself!

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