In the name of the Lord

If this 8 to 5 gig doesn’t do me any good by the time I am 35, I will choose to serve the lord. With such high revenues there is no way a CEO, oh I mean a Senior Pastor will not give his all to the church.

I invite you to the “Give to the Lord Generously, World Ministries” presided by Senior Pastor the Reverend Nicholas Ngugi.

BBC Interview after allegations of funds mismanagement.

Journalist: Mr. Ngugi how do you explain a $ 20 million…(an assistant pastor interjects)

“please address his Holiness as Senior Pastor, God’s Chosen or a combination of the two”

journalist: Ok, Senior pastor how do you justify salary of $ 2 million a year.

SPNN: I can see how it might seem like its extravangant. But who says how much is too much for the work of the lord. Who are you to determine what the lord should or should not get. I am just a humble servant a messenger to his flock.

journalist: Senior Pastor do you want to ignore the fact people are suffering while you live a life of luxury. Aren’t you a mere thief, coning people of their money:

assistant pastor: I am sorry but we will have to cut this interview short, the Reverend is on a busy schedule. Please send any other questions to our Public Relations department.

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