While we wait of a Cease Fire !

Why does the world stand aside while hundreds of innocent lives are taken away while we wait for Israel to decide Hezbollah is finished.And who told Israel that a conventional army can win a war against guerilla fighters? Please refer to the Russian – Afghanistan war in which case the giant Russia left after being unable to defeat guerilla fighters.

The only way Israel would assure that Hezbollah is done is by killing anyone including civilians that they suspect have ties with the extremist Hezbollah. It is impossible and obviously would require more than ‘a few more days’ to finish.

And how does Israel get away with comments like “a few more days”? To do what, kill more women and children. Cross the boundary of a sovereign nation (Lebanon) and set up a buffer zone?

Israel has long ignored the fact that its survival will eventually be guaranteed by compromising with its neighbors, including Palestine to form a peaceful and fair middle east.

And yes Hezbollah is to blame as well, they are also killing innocent lives in Israel. And truth be told if they are left to accumulate military power, they would in fact attack Israel.

What is needed is an immediate cease fire to at least stop the loss of innocent lives. Then Lebanon and Israel must accept an international peace force that will disarm the military wing of Hezbollah and also guarantee that Israel retreats and respect Lebanon’s sovereignty.

Obviously this is easier said than done and the US having the keys to stop Israel chooses to wait and “give it a few more days” to continue the killing.

Hopefully the UN will for once exert influence and gain support of the other West countries to pressure both sides to stop this violence.

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