Its almost Furahi Day

I am starting to doubt why we look forward to weekends so much…ofcourse there will be enough Keroro and a good amount of extra curricular activity to fill up the huge space in Mr & Mrs Smith marriage ( side note: surprisingly this was a good movie, I watched it late lakini still good movie).

But of all routines the weekend one is quite the gig. Friday a ka loose happy hour like this with pals, mind you the happy hour extends until 3-4am eventually you find yourself at a food joint trying to gauge who is more sober among the drunks to get all home. And trust me after at least 6 hours of drinking no one is sober enough to drink.

Designated driver you ask? Not in our crew, I am certain the DD would always call in sick. Another thing our crew is also a half couples / singles hang so that booty call (if the other side of the phone says yes) comes in real handy for the single.

Then there is the sms telling each other “I got home safely, good night”. If the person you are sending got home earlier than you, they will see the sms in the morning since everyone is in a state of umm….blackoutness?

By Sato afternoon its chakula then calling for sato plans and reminiscing of the last night. More keroro, and by now your body has adjusted coz of heavy fire on Friday night so usually it takes more to get to whatever destination your drinking takes you. Or maybe that’s a storo of Alki’s alone.

Then finally Sunday rolls in. When football is on, this is great coz at least there is something to look forward to. If not Sunday is just a day that separates raha and kazi. I have said this again and again, if a country ever makes 3N prezo, we will have 4 days weekends. We will let all workers vote Yes or No for a 4 day weekend.

“Hey ready for work, how was your weekend? We took the kids to the new disney movie and blah blah blah…” thats your boss doing his/her routine asking how your weekend was. “it was ok, just chilled with some friends…” your response

Only saying to yourself “you have no idea, you have no idea, if I added my weekend activity to my resume I sure wouldn’t have a job”

4 thoughts on “Its almost Furahi Day

  1. That post reminds me of the good old days in Kenya. Where designated drivers were optional unlike here in the States where they are a must!
    I used to love watching EPL in Nai pubs on Sato afte and then on to drinking till the early hours of morning then fries and chicken at kenchic!
    Ah the good old days!

  2. wah, u have made me anxious for furahi day. coz kesho, its pints once again kama kawaida. this time, kama Calrett “I am getting my goose on”

  3. “I am getting my goose on” working out with a bottle of Grey on the side, now that is true alcoholism Mr. Claret.

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