Snap Elections by the Standard Team

It has now become clear why the government attacked the Standard newspaper. Not that it was justified, but standard has become a propaganda machine for the opposition and more specifically LDP and ODM affiliates.

Their ongoing news or investigation about a surprise Snap Election is absolutely absurd. And note that in Standard all writers are known as The Standard Team, especially when they reveal any government agenda.
The Standard team also seems to have Raila and his supporters on speed dial since he is always quoted in one of their stories.
Not to mention that the other main media outlet Nation never seems to have the same ‘news’ as standard. Maybe they have their hands tied by Kibaki’s team, which I doubt, hence they do not see the real ‘news’ as standard see it.
And Standard must have a very short supply of political analyst because it should be known by any politician that no sitting government ever calls for an election until their term is done. When is the last time you heard a snap election in other countries?
Leaders left and right are trying to extend their terms and its only dumb Kibaki and his team that want cut theirs short. A win by Narc-Kenya guarantees no win in a general election and even Kibaki team knows that.
The standard team should at least wait until next year to start a daily focus on election. Or they should just change their name to the Standard LDP team.

2 thoughts on “Snap Elections by the Standard Team

  1. Exactly! You echo my sentiments, take a walk through some of my posts as they burnt the standard. I suspect highly that they had bugged the state house! In which case we should see some of them in jail for long periods for jeopardizing national security.

    I’m especially mad at the public for eating up the bs! Nini hawa waKenya?

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