Five questions about faith, God and religion.

1. If God created only Adam and Eve, wouldn’t that imply that the first family had to marry their own relatives in order to procreate?
If that is the case then why was marriage between relatives later outlawed in the bible? Wouldn’t this mean that a sin is acceptable if indeed in the end it serves a greater purpose?

2. The story of Job. Job was a rich and successful yet humble, righteous and a strong believer in God. Why then would God hand Job to Satan, see Job loose his wealth, his family and anything that means to him, just so he could prove a point? What point was this?
(side note) Did you know that spell-check notes satan should be capitalized and not God. Very interesting, try it.

3. The Bible says that God gave us the ability to choose what is right and wrong. Why would He/She do this knowing very well that majority if not all of us are incapable of living the righteous life that His/Her word dictate?
Isn’t it like a mother handing a sharp knife to a child and waiting to see what the child will do with it since once they harm themselves they will not repeat the same mistake?
4. If the Bible both old and new testament is God’s word, then wouldn’t the first testament been perfect? The fact that it was updated / revised means there is an element of reality of the times it was not addressing. Perhaps by now the Bible should have been updated several times over to reflect the challenges that we face today.
5. This one is the interesting one. What was Jesus doing between approximately 13 years and when He reappeared at almost 30? There are theories out there, see da vinci code but how can such an important character in Christianity have such a large part of their life unaccounted?

There are no easy answers to any of these questions. But just thinking about religion and how we relate to God is a task that everyone should partake at least once in their life.

3 thoughts on “Five questions about faith, God and religion.

  1. i’ll start with nunber one.
    back then, Adam’s family had no choice. and if u read the bible vizuri, it’s Cain who first slept with her sis after Abel died. let me get facts straight then i come back.

  2. The revision/updating of the bible was not to align it with “aspects of reality” per se but rather to remove the archaic language, thus retaining it in an understandable language for present generations. The context, to the best of my understanding, remains unaltered…

  3. Excellent quesstions. I believe that the belief in God is one of the most significant things in a persons life, which means that it needs to be seriously questioned and analyzed. It looks like the first question has been answered, so i will start with the second.

    2) In a nut shell, the book of Job describes that bad things can happen to good people. It shows that the closer you are to God, the more Satan tries to get you to falter. On the positive side, the more you are tested and pass, the stronger your faith becomes and hence closer to God.

    3) This should be viewed from a different angle. Would you rather have a friend that WANTS to be with you or a friend that HAS NO CHOICE but to be with you. Im married and i much perfer that my wife has chosen, of her own free will, to be with me. This is more satisfying for me and i suspect that God views it from a similar angle. This is why we are given free will because God is looking at us as companions and He wants us to want to be with Him.

    4) Another excellent question. The diffence between Old and New Testaments is the covenent that God has with us. You can view this as a change in people. I have children so i will use them as an example. When my oldest daughter was younger i would give her strict rules about where she could play, who she could play with, etc. As she got older and was able to make those decisions on her own, i changed the rules to be much more relaxed. The Old Testament had strict rules for the Israelites, but the New Testament changes those rules for the rest of us.

    5) Nobody knows because there hasnt been any record of that time frame. The only reason that we know about his birth and early childhood is because the disciples learned of it from Jesus mother Mary. As far as theories go, i would avoid using fiction novels (like the DaVinci Code) because they seemlessly interweave fact with fiction and its difficult to differentiate one from the other. Since there isnt any known documentation about those years its pretty safe to say that any article about it is pure speculation and should be treated as such.

    Hope this helps

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