Siasa Kenya, who is next?

Since 3N decided a long time ago, without notifying management mind you, that every Friday is a public holiday I find myself with time to ponder on next year’s elections already.

I don’t know about all of you but I am already excited about the election. I know a bit more than a year away but since our politicians have decided to stop working on anything else other than who will be the next president, I can’t help but join in.

First and foremost we need young people to vote. I am not sure how blogging will affect the elections unless it translate to actual votes come December. For my part I can tell you right now that I plan on being nyumbani and not only voting for my candidate but campaigning vigorously for that candidate.

I assume Kenyans will have to choose from these 4 candidates (Kibaki, Kalonzo/Raila, Uhuru and Misc.) I put in misc. as in all other dozen people who will put their names in there just for the sake. See 2002 presidential candidates.

2007 is going to be a very hostile election in Kenya. Money will quite obviously dictate who wins. And you can see Standard Newspaper already summarized where potential candidates stand financially in Kenya.

Kibaki with help of state resources (obviously illegally) will probably have the most funds, followed by Uhuru then the LDP/ODM camp. I expect the election results to follow suit unless something major goes down before December 2007.

If ODM proves to be too powerful, which should not come as a surprise to anyone, expect Moi to approach Uhuru about working with Kibaki in order to secure another term for Kibaki.

Remember that Kibaki has been kind to Moi choosing not to follow on any corruption lead that would point to the ex president. And that has meant Kibaki shortchanging justice especially with the Goldenberg Scandal where Moi must have been a key architect.

If in fact Kibaki and Narc-Kenya can secure the services of Uhuru then this will be a dog fight to watch. It will be a campaign of high intensity and magnitude that Kenyans have not seen.

The end result will have Kibaki at 76 years old rule Kenya for another term. All over the world when the race is too close the incumbent has a better than good chance of winning.

I haven’t decided who I will vote for but I am already leaning towards one of the side. And as I sip on some cold Amstelizis this weekend, I will surely do my lawful duty as a Kenyan exile to debate on Siasa Kenya and anger, intrigue and most often annoy my fellow Kenyans with my views on the future of our country.

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