Kibaki Should Continue

A year from now we will all be preparing to usher in a new president or vote back an older Kibaki. And while an older Kibaki might not be a fashionable pick, his credentials are the best for Kenya’s future.

So while Raila looks for another tune to replace “Kibaki Tosha” let us preview the elections.

On one side the Opposition led by a group of leaders who 3 years ago could have slapped a reporter for just mentioning the other leaders name. Of course time and loosing in the last elections healed all that hatred. Now the only thing that you will find Uhuru and Raila arguing about is whose shirt is more Orange.

On the other side we have a feisty, smart woman by the name of Karua leading NARC-K and a silent presidential candidate in Kibaki in bringing back the government. Karua should be a VP in the next government. Awori and any other leader mentioned in corruption deals should not vie for any position.

It is clear by now that our president will come from one of these camps. And it is even clearer that Kibaki is still the most ideal candidate in the next general election. And it is not a case of the devil you know is better than…whatever the saying goes. But rather a matter of factual evidence that shows that our most logical course of action would be to let Kibaki rule another 5 years.

We cannot be ignorant of the flaws in his current government. Corruption still is rampant and prosecutions of suspected individuals are taking too long. Action on the corruption end is Kibaki’s main hindrance to an otherwise progressive rule.

Here are several key successes that Kibaki has brought to our country.

  • Economic growth. We are playing at around an annual rate of 5 %. The last time this happened Kamotho was still working at a kiosk in Nairobi.
  • Free Primary Education. There is nothing greater than education when it comes to building a country from the ground up. We might not realize what free primary education brings to Kenya until maybe 20 years from now when our literacy rates have topped all African countries. Now the government needs to work towards subsidizing costs for Secondary Schools then Universities.
  • Access to better health care. Government hospitals and clinics now actually have medicine and doctors to treat patients. Health care in Kenya will take quite some time to be anywhere near the globally accepted universal level but we have made more strides in the last 3 years than perhaps the prior 15 years combined.
  • Democratic space – The key reason why the Government is harshly scrutinized is because of the democratic space created by the government and freedom of speech and expression that Kenya hasn’t experienced maybe since pre 82 coup de tat. This scrutiny is good for the country and a government that allows it is also good for Kenya.

Maybe Kibaki is not crème de l crème when it comes to presidents, but he has shown he has the maturity in leadership and a clear vision for Kenya that would provide continued stability and growth for our country.

6 thoughts on “Kibaki Should Continue

  1. This post gives me plenty of hope that there are some Kenyans out there who are bothering to look and see what’s going on. This versus the random excitable following they prefer to do.
    Couldn’t agree with you more on this one!

  2. I find it strange that a government that itself was the beneficiary of our common struggle for democratic space (and one that has gone out of its way to curtail that space) is now claiming credit for creating it. NARC did not create the free press -it tried to shut down Standard and KTN; NARC did not invent the struggle for a new constitution -it betrayed it, sending GSU to Bomas and attempting to impose a watered-down version; NARC does not merely ignore the fight against corruption -it actively engages in the vice and appoints tainted persons to high office.
    You are suggesting that we should be grateful for 5% economic growth when they promised (and could have delivered more). A government that removes a budgetary provision for condoms at a time when AIDS is ravaging us cannot be interested in health care. Free primary education is all good but why is it not compulsory? Why get public servants to declare wealth and then hide the declarations? Where was Kibaki’s “mature leadership” when his wife was assaulting journalists at Nation? Where is his vision when our hard-fought gains are being rolled back by the hour?

  3. Allow me to comment on Gathara’s rant. First and foremost, if Narc wnated to shut down teh standard and KTN, they would quite simply do it. You might scream and shout but eventually you would all shut up and they would still be shut down. The standard gathered information that was discussed within statehouse. It infers a leak in teh statehouse, which is a compromise to National Security. I wrote to the Standard and asked for clarification of what they were being accused of and how they had obtained data from statehouse. Never got a response and neither did anyone who asked point blank questions. I’m convinced the Standard had sometjing to hide, but in the usual fashion of influential circles, manipulated the, very resistant to think for themselves, Kenyan crowd into a wild frenzy. It was easy and the essence was lost as always.

    That those Standard journalists are not rotting inside some torture chambers right now is your testimony to teh changes that have occured. Cost of condoms compared to cost of drugs like malaria? The private sector needs to pick up and assist here. The government will always have to make tough decisions and this was a good one. If they can only afford one and not the other, they made agood choice.

    What other people do you see presenting themselves for positions in high offices? I say the engine that is the govt is now working and I see a plan.

    Gathara part of being a successful, unit is having good management and just as key, good follwers. In every nation the citizens are always its key. So Kenyans need to stop whining and bitching, get to working and start rectifying their own very many ills. Time to become good follwers.

    I’m willing to argue that the problem in Kenya is that they have more democracy than they are intellectually ready to handle.

  4. kenyans dont vote on the economy,corruptioin,free education or any loft ideals – the next elections is all about tribe,tribe and tribe penda usipende

  5. Mimmz,
    I think it’s a bit of a stretch to say a leak in State House threatens our National Security. Are you advocating that we only get to hear/read what Kibaki and his cronies think we should? Sending masked policemen in the middle of the night to steal and destroy private property is not the action I would expect from a government that believes in the rule of law.
    And, as Karua recently admitted, coruption is rampant at the highest levels of government. And don’t forget that in a flagrant betrayal of his electoral promise to implement the recommendations of the Kombo Select Committee on Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes, Kibaki appointed some of the people named in that report (Saitoti and Gumo) to his Cabinet.

  6. Almost doesnt count, Kenyans deserve far far better then they are getting right now from their Head of State.

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