What is going on in Africa?

Have you heard this one, that prostitutes in Zimbabwe are not accepting cash? And if you insist they will demand to be paid after their ‘services’ are rendered. After all if they take the money before, it will be worth at least 75% less after the act.

But seriously Zimbabwe is in a lot of problems. Their inflation in September went down 1,023.3 per cent! If this is a reduction, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when Zimbabwe folds in and collapses.

Remember Zimbabwe is just one of the crisis going on and not even a match for what is going on in Darfur. Then there is Somalia which is on the verge of becoming a state controlled by a faction that could have Islamist extremists.

As problems crop up everywhere in Africa you would think our leaders are busy trying to solve them. Wrong, they are busy doing what they do best, nothing. They are waiting for the UN/Europe/US to come and solve our problems. They are waiting for international sympathizers while they could easily enable the AU by providing more troops and resources to efficiently intervene in places like Darfur.

Meanwhile Mugabe continues to get a pass while he is orchestrating the fastest deterioration of a country. Why do our leaders continue to ignore the plight of their fellow country men? They will all pay dearly unless they start taking action.

The least one can do is get your voice heard…participate in any way possible.


2 thoughts on “What is going on in Africa?

  1. In all fairness, I think it is important to note that we have and continue to play an active role in ensuring stability in the region. Such efforts led to the end of the civil war in Sudan and now Kenya through IGAD provides a forum for a solution to the current crisis in Somalia.

    I think the Zimbabwe situation is really a tricky one. I don’t think that the international community can impose sanctions since that would end up being punitive to the people, who are aready in a very difficult situation, and not the regime. Who are we to decide this for them? Ultimately, Zimbabweans have to find a solution to their problem and the fact that they are seeking non-violent means, given the difficult circumstances, is very praiseworthy.

    On Darfur, what we can offer more of is troops but for other resources, which require quite some money, we have obligations at home and we’re cash strapped.

  2. How do you say that the civil war in Sudan ended while Darfur remains a problem. Darfur is the very center of the civil war now.

    And Kenya has not had any significant civil unrest to warrant IGAD intervention.

    On Zimbabwe I agree the citizens will have to solve this problem. It

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