Bringing Out the Old Guards: Tribal Politics in Kenya

Stories on BBC and Nation

In what must be a carefully calculated political move, Foreign Affairs minister Raphael Tuju reached out to retired President with the intention of offering an official government role to Moi.

Moi would apparently be a diplomatic ambassador involved in the process of bringing peace to the conflicts that Kenya is surrounded by (Sudan, Somali, Uganda..Etc).

At the same time ODM-Kenya met with former Attorney General Charles Njonjo in what they termed as an effort to ‘tap from his long experience in government’.

And while these two incidents might seem isolated, they are indeed connected and purposeful in reaching a political end. They are both ploys by both Narc-K and ODM-K to help them win the support of the respective old politicians ahead of the 2007 elections.

ODM needs to come up with a way to steal votes in the Mt. Kenya region and through Njonjo and other leaders to follow they hope to cut into Narc-K’s stronghold. It will not be a surprise to see ODM courting the likes of Matiba.

Narc-K on the other hand is currently losing the battle for Rift Valley to ODM-K. Moi factors greatly in this equation and his disgust for a Raila led party could sure sway his support to Narc-K. And if indeed this happens it would be a coup for Narc-K.

For now this courting doesn’t mean much, it is a merely a foundation for what is to come before next year’s election rolls around.

Keep an eye as tribal ‘chiefs’ are courted and guaranteed positions or protection from each government in waiting while in turn they proclaim their loyalty and support.

Tribal politics is a rather unfortunate aspect of Kenya but nevertheless it is a reality we have to deal with.

3 thoughts on “Bringing Out the Old Guards: Tribal Politics in Kenya

  1. We have to have hope and support leaders that have a national outlook for our country. Time might also heal the divisions of tribalism in Kenya. Hopefully our children will find a more united Kenya.

  2. guys please leave in the real world.leadership comes with experience.cast your eyes anywhere around the world and you will see what i mean. As for tribalism God help us all

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