Friday Quick Hits

We have to thank our corporate sponsor Amstelizis for their continued support. In reality the sponsorship is vice versa but who is keeping tabs. I say a beer or two a day will keep your fears away.

On to FQH, another week is gone and the weekend couldn’t have been ushered in by better news than this. By now hopefully many of you are aware of the Kenya Vision 2030, Transforming National Development (Kenya 2030).

If you are not aware please read any of Kenya’s newspaper. And if this plan doesn’t excite you and make you all fired up then I don’t understand you. Either you are not Kenya Damu or I don’t know what else could be wrong with you.

And before this plan to improve Kenya for all Kenyans is turned into a political debate we have to at the least accept Kenya was in dire need of an economic policy that goes beyond the 5 year term of a President.

Imagine this, there have been only two economic policy tabled by the government since Independence. Only two! Other institutions such as Universities and Corporations in a span of 45 years have gone through at least three major policy / direction changes and our country of 37 million people has had just two. We are glad that we still have a country.

The vision is quite ambitious with a predicted growth of 10% over 25 years. It is based on the same model that got several Asian countries from LDC’s to developing countries. It is a policy that if well implemented and monitored it could well be Kenya’s card into a prosperous future.

So before Narc-Kenya leaders jump on this bandwagon and start to praise the government and Kibaki and ODM-Kenya counters, let’s not forget the bigger picture.

Kenya 2030 is for the future of all Kenyans and politics should be left out. Our country will become a beacon of hope for the rest of Africa.

As Manu Chandaria said “politics should be removed from Vision 2030 …economic growth transcended political leanings.”

5 thoughts on “Friday Quick Hits

  1. “industrialization by 2020” had no policy backup. This vision is a development of research by experts and industrialist…including two economists who were involved in turning around countries like Thailand and Malaysia. I just don’t think this is one of the empty shelled campaigns by the government.

  2. I definitely concur with 3n on this one. Sloganeering is a vitally important tool in politics. In an environment where 90% is mind games, I do not see why Kibaki’s team should refrain from employing sloganeering … after all, isn’t Raila and ODM using the same tactic to convince Kenyans that Kibaki has done nothing for the last 5 years … yet facts and statistics bear otherwise ?
    That said, to the extent that sloganeering is used to deceive, falsify, etc. I am with you Gathara. Based on the economic stats teh last 5 years, I’ll sugest we give this government teh benefit of doubt on this promise, ama?

  3. Like I semad on my blog:
    Why it (Kibaki’s GRAND PLAN) Won’t work:

    1. We still have no land reform (gross inequality in land distribution in Kenya)
    2. The Asian Tigers were more homogenenous than we are
    3. The Asian Tigers were socialists
    4. The whole political system needs to be cleaned out.
    5. All Kenyan politicians and lead civil servants are tainted
    6. The world stage is very different now.

  4. 3n,
    We’ve heard this before. Remember the “Dream Team” led by Richard Leakey which was to clean out the civil service? For as long as the same old fogeys hold power, nothings going to change, regardless of whomever we hire (and pay exorbitantly) to give us pie-in-the-sky economic plans.

    Based on Anglofleecing, Arturgate, the systematic intimidation of the media, the abuse of the AGs office to shield the politically correct from prosecution, the growing list of refugees fleeing Kenya and a host of other examples of governmental malfeasance, I suggest we don’t.

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