FIFA to Suspend Kenya Soccer

Story on BBC Sports

At this point I do hope that Kenya is actually suspended. These idiots who call themselved KFF officials have the audicty to disregard a FIFA warning.

How do you have two rival leagues in the same country? And there is a whole Minister for Sports, yet he sits and watches this unfold.

We deserve to be suspended until KFF, Minister of Sports and KPL can all come to meaningful and sustainable agreement to cleanup Kenyan Soccer.

And you wonder why Arsenal and Man-U are so popular in Kenya. Well they do play much better football but if Kenya local leagues keep shooting themselves in the foot, we will never have a chance at anything.

I am a very frustrated and angry Kenyan this afternoon. Shame on KFF and the Ministry of Sport.

One thought on “FIFA to Suspend Kenya Soccer

  1. I think we should give the recently appointed Harambee Stars Management Board a chance. It has a core of competent managers who just might take us out of the jungle.

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