Origin of Life: God vs. Scientists

We had a heated debate the other day about which theory is true in the origin of life? Was the world created in six days and Adam and Eve were put on earth as the first people as most religions’ creation theories have it? Was there a big bang and if so did we evolve from the simplest form of life to what we are today? There are no easy or for that matter error free answer in this debate. Religion to a great extent tries to answer the unexplainable. Where logic stops, religion and faith pick up. The bible version of life would have you believe that we are all related. After all Adam and Eve’s children had to marry in order to procreate and populate the world.

On the other hand the science theory of big bang and human evolution would still point to a single source of life. I am sure we can all remember the wiggly fish to legged amphibians to land mammals then to the Homonids that we were taught in school.

And how can we trust scientific facts only after they downgraded Pluto from planetary status, one of many scientific ‘facts’ that with time and technology will have to be revised. If they cannot get the planets right, who tells you they understand everything on our own planet and where it originates. Maybe there is a parallel planet with intelligent or less intelligent life?

Truth be told I do not believe either theories and in fact I believe the answer lies in a combination of each. Problem is that supporters of each of these life theories oppose each other so much that they can never face each other and try to fill the gaps that each explanation leaves out.

Perhaps the wiggly fish that was the first sign of life is what a divine power created. And maybe the divine power was responsible for the big bang. This is ignoring the fact that our religious understanding of divine power would imply that He/She would create a perfect world.

This is one of those debates that has few answers but rather questions. It more like food for thought.

Thats all for Friday Quick Hits, now on to the Amstelizis.

2 thoughts on “Origin of Life: God vs. Scientists

  1. I read your article too and you went into further details than I did. But point is it comes to what you chose to believe.

    And I like your pointing out that whatever God/Non-God believers suggest one thing is true, so far no one can recreate life and hence my suggestion that no one then can really explain it.

    If they could then wouldn’t they not know how to create it?

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