Condoms and the Catholic Church

There is a joke in the Vatican that if you want to wake up the Pope, start a sentence with either condoms, gays or marriage. And never the three words in the same sentence; otherwise we will witness another conclave after the sudden and untimely heart attack of the Pope.

Jokes aside though, the Catholic Church is lagging behind on a lot of issues and time is running out on Vatican to act. The two issues that the church need to address immediately are; the use of condoms to prevent Aids and marriage for Catholic priests.

A friend raised this topic and there is a story is on Nation. Basically the story is about the Catholic Church’s reluctance to allow the use of condoms. Even after the aid’s epidemic and the widely accepted role of condoms in prevention of passing the virus from one person to the other, the Catholic Church still will not okay the use of condoms.

The Catholic Church is stuck in the mid 1400’s and has refused to adjust to the demands of today’s society. Consider this, not only will they not allow condoms or marriage for priests, they will not even entertain dialogue on the subjects. What is their fear? That discussing pressing issues will somehow erode the substance of the church?

The church does not need to be reminded of the ongoing crisis of Priests molesting boys. In addition they cannot forever ignore the fact that many a priest have been known to carry on affairs with women in their community. I am not sure the relationships would be ‘affairs’.

The bottom line is that the Catholic Church needs to address these issues and the longer it is ignoring them, the farther it will fade into oblivion.

One thought on “Condoms and the Catholic Church

  1. This reminds me of a hilarious advert I saw in Kenya. Back in 2001, whenever you walked into Strathmore College (now university) there was a BIG ASS Trust advert glaring at you, but erected outside of the catholic institution. I thought this was a clever way of getting a point across … does anyone know if it still exists?

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