the art of randomness

Right now I wish I was in nairobi asking Wanjiru for another pili, while querying Mutua why the nyama choma is taking so long.

Instead am in Cubeville, USA looking forward to another weekend courtesy of Amstelizi.

What else…halloween is here. I don’t know what’s the craze with this holiday. Some genius in our company decided to have departments compete on Tuesday with costumes and the whole nine.

Then another genius is to suggest we make our department the company’s emergency room.

Now plan for weekend includes find scrubs and devise a plan involves challenges in my jobo and an image of how our dept fixes it. Yikes ! You ask me, I think its lame…we could have at least gone with whores and pimps.

Wouldn’t that be a scene at work, execs dressed as pimps and whores, that would be something.

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