someone please explain this

There is something that has been disturbing me about how men and women approach love, sex & relationships.

I have a couple of friends who keep falling to the same trick and traps set up by guys, the routine goes like this.

They are always getting out of a terrible relationship which they shouldn’t have been in the first place; then shortly thereafter they meet a guy who seems to be the perfect guy, so they pursue.

They guy obviously is skilled at his art, so he plays his part accordingly. Before long the chile has already fallen in love with the guy and started making plans for their future.

When the guy learns of the plans and how serious their relationship is going, he is awakened.

So the guy even though he really enjoys the good times, declares that this is far as he is willing to go. He lets the girl off easy and moves on.

The girl is devastated and swears off men only to repeat the cycle again.

Now my question is how comes chilez like my two friends do not see this coming? They have gone through it once, yet they expect the next guy to be different? I just don’t get it.

Maybe that’s why there are so many bitter ladies out there. Claiming men are dogz. Which some are, but if you already know that why put yourself in their mouth and expect their dog teeth not to chew you up?

Perhaps it’s the eagerness to be loved or to have a man; otherwise it doesn’t make sense to me.

Any ladies want to shed some light on this?

11 thoughts on “someone please explain this

  1. Im a woman by the way, this has happened to me once….but since I had heard about it when it happened..the guy said im moving too fast I asked him for time off and he went ballistic. What do men want? Well I went ahead and took my time off regardless and in that time off I linked up with a “fun dude” – rebound…until he started showing signs of wanting to settle with me…after sex he would talk about kids. He would deposit his sperm in me without my consent in the hopes of trapping me thats when I split like I was fleeing from a war zonne. As a girl who has experienced “the guy thing” I have now come to understand the male perspective..

  2. ati he was “trying to deposit sperm without your consent” now thats a weird dude..
    seems like the guy was ready to settle and obviously you weren’t. now thats a scenario that doesn’t happen often
    what approach do you have to men now that you understand their perspective?

  3. @ ciiku..yes they are overrated. Now tell that to the your friends who are in relationships! they do not understand how anyone can be happy single!

  4. Ciiku true that..but the grass always looks greener too!

    3N basically I don’t care much for guys and suprisingly my don’t-care attitude is attractive to them. I date with a casual flair and end relationships at no notice without an explanation. I am looking for my ideal man but before I find him I am not trying to be accomodating to the test-drives either.

  5. 3N, Yaani u seriously want to sit over here and understand mamas. You have jokos. wacha mzchezo daddy. Mamas are from Venus. Jamas are from Mars. Some shit you just accept and life will be timamu. Ebu checki K-Fed- Ex. What did Britney see in that reject? I am sure there are a lot of dudes now wondering who would want to marry Britney now after she decided to procreate (not once, but twice), with that dude

  6. udi,
    if after marrying britney you end up a millionaire, I am sure there are many jamaas who will line up to be K-Fed’s kids daddy.
    I agree it is kidogo ambitious to try understanding chilez, lakini there is nothing wrong with trying.

    @anonymous..that don’t care attitude is what chilez need to learn, I have to admit it is very attractive to guys me included. If chilez only knew the power they have !

  7. 3n. I think the quest 4 such answers will likely vex your kichwa- and unnecessarily so. What is required is acceptance – acceptance that guyz and chillez are merely agents … that the agents have no control: that the complex nature of their interactions is deep-rooted in the evolutionary chain, and that attempts to “think-through” , brainstorm, etc… are futile … because conclusions from thinking through relationships are also subject to evolution … that is why shit keeps getting repeated, over and over … there is no control, mother nature is toying with us… we are all subject 2 the law of averages … the more you try, the greater the probability of getting your perfect match …just like sending out resumes for a job, etc.

  8. First of all many mamas are like the biblical dog that returns to it’s own vomit (and no I am not calling women bitches it is just an analogy from the good Book). They tend to go back to the same kind of men who give them shidas thinking they will get diff results at the end of the day. It doesnt happen like that.
    Besides men are the simplest creatures ever and the simpler a man gets the more complicated women think he is.
    Ironic thing is that bitter mamas end up treating good men like crap and these formerly good men start treating the good women they come around like crap thus setting up a cycle.
    Dang! This mambo of men and women is conk, I am going to stay single for life!

  9. On the guys perspetive. 90% of us dont want to be in a commitment. We just find ourselves in them and have to play along to fit into the society, then you start falling in love and soon you are driving this huge minivan with a couple of kidos and suicidal thoughts in your head

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