Kenyan MPs missing

“Only 23 of the 222 MPs were in the House at 5.15pm” story on nation…in yet another instance when more than 190 of our MP’s were elsewhere other than in parliament where they are supposed to be debating and enacting much needed laws.

Why should we pay these good for nothing politicians tons of money yet collectively they can never average more than 30% presence in parliament?

These are the same people who keep holding press conferences outside parliament building yet they do not dare go into the building and get some work done.

How about paying them only on attendance and participatory basis? I bet parliament would always be full.

For now they are busy following ministers and the president whenever he goes. Or they are raising money and popularizing their parties.

Their motto should be: Kenyan Members of Parliament, We promise to do the bare minimum to keep our jobs! Oh, and get re-elected!

I don’t know if there is any other $ 10,000 per month job in the world easier than that of a Kenyan MP.

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