Kibaki brings his Soldiers back

Just on todays news Saitoti and Kiraitu are back in the government.

This was bound to happen, even the president is sharpening his tools for next year’s general election. And ODM has already started crying foul claiming that Saitoti’s and Kiraitu’s re-appointment shows Kibaki’s disregard to cleaning up corruption.

In Saitoti’s case he was proven not guilty in a Kenyan court so why shouldn’t he get his position back?

Not that he wasn’t involved in the Goldenberg scandal, but why should he be the sole culprit? If Kamlesh gang’s walk free and ex-president Moi is protected why then should Saitoti suffer?

It is kenyan justice, not right but in this case fair to all but the wananchi.

7 thoughts on “Kibaki brings his Soldiers back

  1. i havent heard of kiraitus conviction either .if that guy who went to london cant poroduce the original tapes to show it was not doctored then we have to follow the law that people in kenya are innocent untill proven guilty

  2. It was bound to happen anyway. These two ministers were not found guilty of any charges by the court. True, they are not saints – They definitely had something to do with the Goldenberg – Anglo Leasing affairs.
    In my opinion, Saitoti did an excellent job in the Education Ministry. Kiraitu flopped in J & C Affairs but he did not get enough time in Energy to evaluate him. Give him a chance.
    To ODM, they were to react negatively whatever the scenario. Hon. Raila on his trip here to ATL said in his own words that there are basically very few individuals in the current political system who are spotless in regards to scandals. So its hypocritical of him to speak very loudly now that these two gentlemen have been reinstated.

  3. Raila is bothered by silence, he has to comment on everything even when his comments contradict.
    @Kevo did you attend any of Raila’s speeches, if so what did he have to say about what ODM intend to do if Kenyans vote for them?

  4. I attended his meeting in Atlanta. There was nothing new in what he said…. just the same old story of how they will work to improve various sectors of the Kenyan economy. The main point that they really tried to pass was that the current Government is no better than the KANU Govt, which I would beg to disagree.

  5. Tsk tsk kevo! “Kiraitu flopped in J & C Affairs but he did not get enough time in Energy to evaluate him. Give him a chance.” A chance to mess up at Energy too? Is that any way to run a government? As for Saitoti, here are the words of your beloved President regarding the report of Musikari Kombo’s Parliamentary Select Committee on Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes which had recommended that Saitoti be investigated with a view to prosecution for his role in the Goldenberg scandal. As reported in Daily Nation on Monday, November 27, 2002, Kibaki promised:

    “(KANU) used its majority in Parliament to throw away the so-called ‘List of Shame’. The majority of those in the (Select Committee on Anti-Corruption and Economic Crimes) will be in the NARC government, this time to implement – and not simply to talk about – what they recommended in that report. We shall have zero tolerance for corruption on our very first day in office.”

    Does your idea of zero-tolerance to corruption include appointing those implicated into Cabinet? I do not hold brief for either Raila or ODM but I like to call a spade a spade, especially when it is being shoved up my backside.

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