Rainbow Nation approves Gay Marriage

It is interesting that South Africa is the first country in Africa to allow civil union between same sex partners.

This same proposal was voted down by 7 of the 8 states in the US that legislation was being considered in the last election.

With much of Africa still very closed and gay/lesbian discrimination practiced openly by society and government, I wonder where S. Africa gets its tolerance from.

I figure this issue will become very visible and divisive in the near future, in all countries.

I believe in Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and a few other countries same sex marriage is constitutionally illegal.

Should it be? I don’t know if it should be, I am not a proponent of same sex marriages. I believe it is morally wrong. But those are my morals and should not apply to everyone else.

However I believe in civil rights and everyone’s entitlement to such, and in future, laws will have to be put in place to protect rights that all citizens are entitled to, including gay/lesbians.

One thought on “Rainbow Nation approves Gay Marriage

  1. I completely agree with you. we use the morality card all the time and yet we are far from being a moral people. We butcher each other like livestock, rape our women and children without much consequence, steal from a starving population and marry off children. Gay marriage is the least of our troubles.
    Kudos to S.A.

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