Robbing Play Station fanatics

Funny story on CNN where thugs decided to go through the line and rob people waiting to buy the new PS3.

I guess it’s not funny for those who were robbed, one guy got shot, but it’s a genius idea on the thug’s side.

The equipment is going for almost 500 freakin dollars!

The thugs figured even if half the guys on the line have cash, that is some good chumz.

I just don’t get how anyone, and grown up for that matter, lines up for hours just to buy a game console.

The thing is going to go be in all stores in a few weeks!

3 thoughts on “Robbing Play Station fanatics

  1. u guy, the craziness around the PS3 is MAD…. . But people over here line up 4 everything, it doesnt matter what!!

  2. Yeah true…bet I shoulda been the thugs….I really woulda’ve been upto it coz I think I got better things to do with such cash… 500 freakin dollars???
    If I had it now….
    I would so much pray it dont end up in Maggies..LOL. U ge8…

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