Why Prezzo should Never go near a mic !

Two words. 3 Songs…as in the guy who goes by CMB President actually has 3 songs of his own.

Unless I am missing something here, you are entitled to only open for someone else when you have 3 songs.

Can you believe the guy started performing E-Sir’s music in ATL. In the name of “honoring the fallen ones”.

He should have just said its coz I have only 3 songs. The guy is ok as a rapper but he has to write more music before doing tours.

Anyway here is my list of Kenya’s top artists (Live performances)…of the one I have seen perform.

The Elite…this bunch in no order are the true spirit of Kenyan Music.

1. Nameless (This jamaa brings energy, he is original and lots of good hits)
2. Longombaz (these twins are just phenomenal, and their dancing routine is excellent…they have to get a few more songs too)
3. Redsan (he might be the most underrated Kenyan musician, plus he is a very dte jamaa, he has songs that makes you say “I didn’t know that was a Redsan song, nice”
4. Kleptomaix – Just listen to their lyrics.

Honorable Mention

1. JuaCali
2. Nonini
3. Mr. Lenny (this guy can actually sing)
4. GidiGidi / MajiMaji

I am sure I am forgetting maybe one or two that should be above.

And then there is this chile in the US, IDA. I don’t want to be mean but its time to let that dream go. She is sawa, can dance but that is it.

6 thoughts on “Why Prezzo should Never go near a mic !

  1. I thot prezzo had an album of his own? Anyway I was at the venue but had to leave early as my ride was working the next day.
    I am not a big fan of Redsan but seems ppl love him so I wont knock him this time round.

  2. LMAO about Ida…..

    Someone else said the same thing when they say her performance in DC.

    As for CMB *smh*…… I cant say anything, he is that inconsequential!!!
    Doing E-Sirs song is tainting his legacy. Sorta like how they keep coming up with these Tupac songs. Cant they just let them REST IN PEACE!!!

  3. What?! Yaani Prezo had the nerve to perform E-Sir’s jams? That dude has no rapping skills whatsoever and I think he should concentrate on other “business ventures” instead.

    I wonder why K-South split. I think they’re quite versatile and I like their style, although others might disagree.


  4. @ciiku
    its unbelievable what they are doing to 2Pac’s legacy…apparently the guy had recorded like 100 plus songs.
    so there are a few more after life albums for him.

  5. @ anonymous, The closest thing Prezzo has to an album is a Photo Album.

    Fortunately for him he has money to fall back on and hopefully he doesn’t waste it all on videos and plane rides from Wilson to Carni

    I still don’t get why anyone would fly to a walking distance, then again am no king of Bling Bling.

  6. @ 3N. lol. that was funny.
    @ Ciiku and 3N: i think the posthumous releases of Pac help, rather than hinder, his legacy.

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