Daylight Robbery

Starbucks coffee is just ridiculously overpriced. I mean why should a cup of coffee cost $ 3.85 regardless of whether it is a latte, mocha or whatever other fancy name they call it.

I guess I am irritated because I just bought one and to make matters worse I knew the price, but all the same this whole business of overpricing cheap commodities is f**cked up.

It is just water, coffee beans, milk and a teenager making it. Where in all those ingredients do they go over $ 2.00?

I swear from now onwards I am boycotting starbucks.

Even if I am in the office and trying to stay awake. Even if like today I have washed my face, drank cold water and still my head gradually keeps aiming for the keyboard.

Whatever the case, No More Starbucks for 3N.

8 thoughts on “Daylight Robbery

  1. 3N … welcome to the utility theory of value. At the precise moment you shelled $ 3.85 for the latte, you were not thinking about Starbuck’s cost of prodution. Your driving motivation was: “How much gratification will I gain from downing this latte?”
    Obviously, you must have concluded ” a lot” otherwise you would not have bought it.
    After the event (20-20 hind sight), after the latte patiad you the high, you became rational again …
    But then again, relatively speaking, that latte is almost a kaloose amstelizi … and given its a furahi day like this one, I feel reasonably sure I know where you will be deriving the maximum utility tonight …

  2. LOL @ head aiming for keyboard.

    Yesterday I had a french vanilla grande latte for almost $4.00 and I surely felt your pain.

    The sad part is that while Starbucks is making outrageous profits from our coffee, it’s oppressing and exploiting coffee farmers the world over e.g the current case in Ethiopia.

  3. @mwangi…can you believe that latte was half the cost of 6 amstelizis. Talk about a waste of chumz on a furahi day.

    @shispering inn. It is painful that none of the money at starbucks trickles down to coffee farmers. I am sure that with globalization and access to information, this situation will improve sooner than later.

  4. After chucking 4 bucks for a less that superb cup of coffee at Star Bucks… I said NO MORE!

    NO more !

    I now drink vanilla chai at Dunkin Donuts for $1.89

  5. I will try that vanilla chai. even though I am uncomfortable with the useless use of “chai”

    mpaka in my college they had a cafe which sold “chai tea”…i never even bothered to explain.

  6. Starbucks? I pass so many of them never ventured to see what they offer! I guess I’ve been doing well. But that makes me less posh – who cares I don’t like coffee anyway!

    Have a starbucks free day!

  7. I agree with you, Starbucks is overpriced! But, I still buy it occasionally when I need a cup of coffee and they’re the closest. But I just do kawaida coffee.

    @Whispering Inn,
    I try to get free-trade coffee whenever I can. I’ve heard about a documentary called “Black Gold” that came out recently about coffee farmers in Ethiopia.

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