Way Overdressed

I have observed that there is a growing trend with Kenyan chilez dressing overly scandalously and often painfully in bad taste.

I am no expert in fashion but I have eyes and when it looks wrong it just does.

Go to any Kenyan hanye and you will see a group of girls dressed like they just came from a strippers’ only conference.

I assume they are looking for the “shock & awe” response and they do get it. But the response they get is “could someone tell her it just aint right” or “her friends should have told her, oh wait they are all dressed the same”..

If you have ass like J-Lo it is ok to wear a tight dress. But if you have ass like J-Lo and the rest of the body like Aretha Franklin, please, please I beg as a good deed to society, dress accordingly.

It’s like a guy wearing a muscle shirt and he doesn’t have…umm…the muscles. It just doesn’t look right. It is borderline criminal.

And then there are these people wearing sunglasses in clubs. I understand celebrities are wearing them so it must be the ‘in thing’ now.

But remember you can’t just grab any off the shelf and assume they are eligible for indoors. Walmart sunglasses need not apply.

3N says dress sexy, keep it simple and classy.

Unless of course you were going for the whole “I am a slut” look then by all means You do You!

14 thoughts on “Way Overdressed

  1. woi, sharia law would have all women covered up and no one wants that.
    just campaigning for better judgement in fashion.

  2. “better” ouch …

    okay, that is a bit harsh bcoz it suggests that ur sense of judgement is morally superior or virtuous… which i don’t believe for one minute you intended.

    i, for one think that the said ladies should be left to [un]dress in whichever they deem fit … conditional on them not minding being stared @, ogling, whispers, whistles, that will be inevitable … [for the sawa ones]

    for the other ones, they only have themselves to blame if they are embarassed … and should likewise take it graciously …

    macho hayana pazia. i will look. like chris rock says … “if u meet s’one with a police uniform, u r entitled to assume they r police … ”

    the analogy applies to hoe uniforms as well …

  3. I agree completely! There is a diff between tasteful and slutty! Some women just wear certain clothes because other women look good in them.
    As for muscle shirts.I thot those went out in the 80’s?
    @ mwangi
    It was Dave Chapelle who made that quote

  4. hmmm!yep!people need to think twice about what they wear!i still dont think its normal to rome the streets of..eh, anywhere in something akin to gladwrap!
    but even if one hath the bum of j-lo,she must still think about what she wears!chics need to learn that letting it all hang out there isnt saidiaing anybody. and pole to all the guys cause if it means less excitement for you!sexiness in my opinion has nothing to do with how much you reveal ama how tight youre clothes are.and jamas have a role to play, ama you think shock factor is directed at who?

  5. acolyte you hit this is issue right on, ‘because another person looks good in it’. we can blame music videos and celebrities for all this.

  6. The problem with this (un)dressed chicks is that they watch a music video on The Beat and think that is how people dress. Aaaand halafu its freezing and mama are in a state of undress!

    As for sun glasses in clubs (or inside any room for that matter) *SMH*

  7. each year, I see college second semester freshmen take an amazing change in style. Dressing up slutty does not mean one is styled up… aki, sharia law is an extreme, but there are times…. wacha tu!!

  8. it’s amazing we all espouse individual freedoms, yet no one seems to support the fact that chicks [un]dressing is a consequence of the same freedoms … can’t have ur cake and eat it …

  9. Your descriptions are so funny! I can picture exactly what you’re talking about. The worst thing is when a chic wears something revealing but keeps on pulling it or looks so uncomfortable. When a new fashion trend comes out, some people don’t bother to check if it looks good on their body–they’ll just wear it. You have to give chics points for confidence though. And the club is one of the few places one can unleash those scandalous outfits. I personally embrace simplicity.

    I’ve seen enough people wearing sunglasses at the club lately, men are guilty of this too!

  10. @ gnd, thanks for stopping by. i agree you have to give points to the daring ones…but as you say the key is to keep it simple and classy.

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