Cure for Common Cold

I have a cold and I am very worried that it might interfere with my second job over the weekend.

So I did some research on wiki and WebMD to confirm what I have always feared, there is no cure for common cold!

By the way whenever you are sick just go to WebMD they have all the information that doctors scribble in unreadable handwriting on your medical file.

But seriously why is there no cure for a common cold? Does a disease have to actually kill people for them to start working on cures?

Yani they want to tell us that a disease which is the most common in the world and has been around for like gazillion years and they are still filling in the blanks?

Why are they wasting time going to mars to look for water? Who is thirsty? We have enough water on earth already, get back and look for a freakin cure for common colds!

Ati it’s a virus and they can’t stop viruses. Virus kitu gani, maybe less time in space and more in research labs would do the trick for viruses.

And because of their negligence, now I have to take some suppressants and cross my fingers that the cold goes away.

Apparently the cold should disappears within 4-10 days. You take cold suppressants and you can cut the time by half.

I figure I take double the dosage cut the sick time by 4 times. This means by the time the first shift starts tomorrow evening for my second job, I should be good to go. Hopefully!

4 thoughts on “Cure for Common Cold

  1. 4get suppressants:

    a] rum /without ice


    b]put a Q-tip into Listerine and clean out your nostrils!!

    **Whoever finds a true cure for the common cold will prolly corner a Nobel prize. The virus has 2 many has 2 many variations**

  2. @ mwangi never heard of the q-tip listerine method but I will take the rum without ice.
    i will take the rum even bila a cold.

  3. Colds are so irritating! I’ve heard some statistic on colds being the main reason for people calling in sick to work. Taking medic
    ine will at least help you sleep better.
    I don’t know how the existence of water in Mars is supposed to improve our life on earth.

  4. gnd, i think people know that if they use the excuse ‘cold season’ they can get to stay home ‘sick’.
    actually am thinking of doing such tomorrow…though i do have a cold

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