Waste of Tax Payers money

story on today’s nation…

Should we really be raising the President’s salary? I hate to agree with Raila but there are more pressing salary needs within the civil service in Kenya than Kibaki’s salary.

And why do MP’s get 3 million shillings grant to buy cars? The state should own cars to transport members of parliament during public service.

It doesn’t make sense that every 5 years we spend 3 million each on 220 MP’s for cars. By the way does that mean that when an MP is re-elected they still get another grant for a second car?

As if that is not enough, they want to be given KES 1.5 million grant at the end of their tenure.

We need to get Kenya’s priorities straight. If you count the vehicle grant and term end token for 220 MP’s, it will cost the common mwananchi more than a billion shillings and that is not taking into account their regular salary.

It is grossly overpaying for very little service in return.

8 thoughts on “Waste of Tax Payers money

  1. It is grossly overpaying for very little service in return.

    That’s the story of the NARC government.

    How come they can find the cash to award themselves, and not teachers, nurses and lecturers, such raises?

  2. gathara, its the story of all Kenyan politicians even those in opposition they are just waiting to get in power and reward themselves.
    I don’t know how many generations it will take for Kenyans to hold elected leaders responsible for their selfish actions.

  3. 3n,
    I agree. But in this case, the pay was opposed by ODM guys for political reasons, not because they care for our welfare. Wait for the next bill raising their perks and you’ll see their true colours. Check out my post on this.

    By the way, was this a government bill? If so, then the NARC goons should bear the responsibility.

  4. When William Ruto was in ATL, he made a very good point — (I dont care much for him by the way)
    The problem with Kenya is that we are living way beyond our means. Its not just the prezzy, its the whole group of leaders – MP’s, Cabinet, PS’s and the like. What they earn is just unbeleivable, considering what the rest of the working class earns.
    This problem will never be resolved till the day a transparent and honest Commission to review all salaries and make change to the existing salaries

  5. if the MPs don’t vote for their pay, who else should we delegate the task of determining “fair” pay? – Political parties? Professionals? The general public? And if so, won’t they also be accused of being biased?

  6. Mchokozi and Mwangi,
    If the MPs have to vote for their pay, then why not interpose an election before effecting any change? this should put the brakes on their greed as they would then have to be pretty sure of winning before they could enjoy the benefits.

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