Friday Quick Hits

Thanks again to our sponsor Amstelizi especially given today is Furahi day, my cold is almost 75% gone and it’s friend’s bday. It is about to go down!

Several thoughts I am thinking about.

· Wasn’t 2006 the shortest year in history? It was Jan the other day, then the world cup, summer and now its over.

· Grave prediction: 2007 will go down as the most as the most turmoil time in Kenya politically. Rehearsals are already underway. Only God can help Kenya.

· You know you are getting old if you can’t say ‘I am in my early 20’s” anymore.

· My New Year resolution for maybe 5th year straight…not to conform and make any. Surprisingly I have been able to accomplish this over and over again.

· Can you imagine there is a Chrismakwanzukkah apparently to represent Xmas, kwanza, Hanukkah? That is just disgusting and unnecessary. Enough with the holiday spirit already & the decorations everywhere. Makes me wanna throw up.

o Fu*ck political correctness.

· And by the way if anyone ever assumes you celebrate Kwanzaa coz you are black / African, here is what you do:

o Tell them to look towards you, sit up straight and lift their chin and move closer. Tell them you are about to shower them with blessings

o Then with one swift swing, punch their lights out. Then step back and lol for several minutes.

And with that, I am out. Happy weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Friday Quick Hits

  1. You are too funny!! It is true however, that people assume if you are African then you celebrate Kwanzaa…irritates me to no end.

  2. thanks princess, I didn’t even know what Kwanzaa is until I came to this country. And then they want to claim it’s a holiday from Africa. Shame!

  3. LOL…you’ve made my day man…I feel you on the christkwanzahanukah nyep nyep…why can’t we celebrate selves as individuals without political correctness being thrown in our faces…

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