Joseph, I am pregnant!

It is a Saturday afternoon and Joseph is busy working on a cupboard that he was supposed to complete the previous week. Mary walks in with a cup of water.

Mary: I see you are almost done. Didn’t think it would take you this long, here is a glass of water and dinner will be ready in a couple of hours.

Joseph: Okay, put the water down (pointing to a bench near Mary).

M: Umm….Joseph there is something I want to tell you.

J: Let me finish, we can talk over… (Mary interrupts)

M: But it cannot wait Joseph, I have to tell you now.

Joseph stops and sits on the bench next to Mary.
M: You know I love you Joe, I have always been a good wife and never cheated on you but Joe… (Mary starts breaking down into tears and holds Joseph’s hand tightly in hers)

J: Please Mary continue, there is nothing you cannot tell me.

M: But Joseph, you do not understand…I don’t know how to tell you, dear God, how do I go through with this?

At this point Joseph is getting worried. Throughout their young marriage he has never seen Mary this devastated and unsure of herself.

J: Do not be afraid Mary, please tell me what is wrong. There is nothing we cannot get through together.

M: Joseph, please do not overreact to what I am about to tell you.

J: Just say it Mary

M: I am pregnant Joseph, I am pregnant!

J: But Mary how? I thought…how Mary, how?

Joseph removes his hand from Mary’s and stands up as if walking away

M: Joseph, please don’t walk away, Joseph I need you. It is not what you think.

J: I do not understand Mary, how could you? After all I have done for you, for us.

M: But Joe, you have to understand, I am carrying God’s son. Our savior the lord’s son, is in my womb Joseph.

…Gabriel came and told me about it, I swear in God’s name I never engaged…

J: Do not use the Lord’s name in vain. Who is Gabriel, is he going to marry you. How would you let another man…?

M: Joseph do not let those words come out of your mouth, I never engaged with another man, please listen. Do not turn your back to me Joseph. Say something…

J: What do you want me to say Mary? What would anyone say? Dear God please save me from this misery.

Joseph starts walking away but Mary pulls his robe and holds on to his leg while kneeling down.

M: Joseph, I know you do not understand but just believe me. In time Joseph, you will know the truth. The world will know the truth.

J: Leave me alone Mary. I need to be alone. I need to think, I will be back later.

M: Where are you going Joe, don’t leave me, don’t leave us…

Joseph leaves their compound as the sun sets leaving Mary in the workshop sobbing and praying.

He returns in the middle of the night to find Mary still awake waiting for him.

M: Thank God you have returned Joseph.

J: I just want to lay down and sleep I cannot talk to you right now.

M: Joseph, have you been drinking? Did you go to Hezekiah’s again? Joseph, please let us talk.

…to be continued

6 thoughts on “Joseph, I am pregnant!

  1. no hell for me udi, me and ‘Hova’ have an outstanding relationship.
    although as I always tell anyone who predicts my seat in hell, see you there pal. lol

  2. thanks anonymous, I will let you know when I update.
    I assume at some point this ‘anonymous’ will let me know who they are, lol.

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