Mwathani, even Kamlesh wants to be a Kenyan MP.

Kenyan politics never seems to amuse. If the political maneuvers by politicians in Kenya were a television show, it would make one interesting watch.

Over the last two weeks alone, enough has gone on to warrant Oscars and Emmys for several politicians and their directors.

But let us just focus on one very peculiar individual who goes by the name Kamlesh Manusuklal Damji Pattni. He also picked up Paul after he accepted Jesus as his person savior.

I have always insisted that Jesus should reject some of the applications if it is people like Kamlesh who want to be ‘born again’.

This is the same Kamlesh Pattni of the not so small scandal Goldenberg. The same Pattni who a couple of years ago was facing corruption and murder charges.

Now the refurbished Pattni has not only taken over a dormant party (KENDA) but also declared his interest in the Westlands parliamentary seat. He intends to campaign and ask Kenyans to trust HIM as their representative in Parliament.

And while it is easy to bash Kamlesh and declare him corrupt and not eligible for elected office, consider the following.

Is Pattni less corrupt than the following individuals, Prof George Saitoti, Gideon Moi, Nicholas Biwott, Chris Murungaru, Raila Odinga (Yes the molasses plant didn’t just land in the family’s lap), Cyrus Jirongo, Joseph Kamotho…etc?

The list can go on and on. In fact it is much easier to name the non-corrupt members of the Kenyan parliament.

So if Kamlesh wants to run for elected office, let him join the rest of corrupt leaders and together they can help add to the list of Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing and whatever other corrupt projects we do not know about.

Only God can help Kenya. We seriously need divine intervention!

5 thoughts on “Mwathani, even Kamlesh wants to be a Kenyan MP.

  1. As you said, Kenyan politics are amusing if nothing else. So Pattni has decided to get into it so he can do business the ‘legit’ way…what’s not to love about a job with a hefty salary, endless perks, and all that power?

  2. talk about pay, I don’t know if there is a better paying job with minimal responsibility as that of a Kenyan MP.
    welcome Kamlesh!

  3. Au contraire… the fact that KP can run for office should be celebrated – for it is indicative that every Kenyan can run for elective office even felons after they have served their time. The divine intervention you speak of will be relevant if the electorate votes KP in… now that will be a shame!

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