New Year…life resolutions

I don’t believe in New Year resolution, and not because I can never fulfill any of mine, but rather I do not see the point of pinning life changing decisions to a calendar.

But I have a good opportunity to use my upcoming b-day to decide on the changes I want to make in my life. A quarter century is a whole lot of time on this earth and it probably a good juncture to keenly focus on the future.

I would do a review of the past 25 years but there are many issues that my psychiatrist has advised never to address outside the cocoon of her office.

I am not going to go to the typical New Year resolutions…go to church more, give to the poor, lose weight, drink less, read more, buy less…etc. They are all good resolutions, perhaps necessary but I am more interested in the following:

Simplicity: We live in a very material oriented world and I don’t want to be preachy but I know I have a responsibility not to over indulge while fellow humans are suffering. A simple life will suit me just fine.

Patience: My mom always told me to acquire this virtue, and after 25 years I think it’s about time to start working on that. Not that I am really impatient but then she knew me more than anyone else, so learning to be patient can’t hurt.

Understanding: I try to be but I know we are a very judgmental society that always has a ready opinion on everything without ever trying to understand what it is we have an opinion on. But more importantly understanding oneself is perhaps the greatest strength that one can have.

Compassion: This is the easiest part for me but I know whatever compassion I have will need to be better translated into action.

Taking Chances: I know that “life is all about taking chances” but chances translate to risks and playing safe is always easier than taking on challenges head on. Of course one cannot take every chance or risk but being risk averse isn’t the way to go about life on this earth. To live life to the fullest I have to take more chances…there is no two way about it.

There you have it, my quarter century resolutions. I look at it as more of a general 5 point guide to life than resolutions.

FYI that is as sentimental / preachy as 3N will ever get on this blog, but it is necessary.

I am sure most of this is cheezy and sounds like a hallmark card but I don’t care, it is sincere.

After all no one wants to end up as the 45 year old prick who has a BMW parked outside Njuguna’s who keeps shouting over everyone voice and ordering people around just because he has a few more dollars in his bank account.

And in the same token we can’t be all Mother Theresa incarnates but anything closer to her and farther away from the prick is where I need to be.


3 thoughts on “New Year…life resolutions

  1. Ta for getting sentimentally preachy on us…I’m also not in the habit of making NY res. for the very reason you provide…I do however have aspirations and I’m simply in LOVE with your quarter century resolutions…tells plenty about you as a being..

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