Joseph, I am pregnant!. Part II

continued from this original piece

It is now Saturday afternoon and Joseph approaches his parent’s house. His mother, Jesus’ grandmother, had sent for him to come and repair a broken donkey cart.

He finds his mom outside sweeping away fallen leaves.

JC grandma: Oh Joseph dear, thank you for coming. Please go to the house you father is waiting for you.

Joseph: Mom, I see the cart has been repaired. I told you to always wait for me, no need to bother someone else while your son is more than happy to help.

JC Grandma: Go in son, your father waits.

As Joseph approaches the door he notices several other people in the room. With his father, Jesus’ Grandfather, is Hezekiah, his good friend Isaac and his wife, and his uncle John.

JC grandpa: Joseph, will you just stand at the door and stare at everyone? Come on in son.

Joseph sits and greets everyone inquiring about family members, the harvest and etcetera. All this time he is desperately hoping that they do not want to talk about Mary’s pregnancy.

Isaac breaks the awkward silence after the ceremonial greetings:

Joseph, you know we are very concerned about the rumors we have been hearing concerning Mary and Gabriel.

JC grandma: Now Joseph, you know we love you and Mary but we have to do what is right by you and for our family.

Hezekiah: Joseph, I asked Isaac that we talk to you especially given your recent behavior of reckless indulgence at my place.

JC grandpa: Will someone tell me who this Gabriel is? Has his family contacted you?

Joseph: Father, Gabriel is not really…he is an angel…

Isaac: Joseph, people are talking some are saying that you are losing it, seriously an angel?!

Hezekiah: How many women have you ever heard claim such a thing. God forgive me but which of his angel is impregnating women?

Joseph: Believe me mother, she has not engaged with another man

Isaac: Who has she engaged with Joseph? How else does one become pregnant?

At this point Joseph is getting more frustrated and impatient with everyone.

JC grandpa: Everyone please let Joseph explain this to us. He is the only one Mary has confided in…continue son.

Isaac: What is there to explain, she is pregnant and Joseph is not the father!

Joseph: First of all I am disappointed in all of you. I know you care but what kind of a woman do you deem Mary to be? I do not know how to explain to you but I know I believe her and will not leave her side. Even if it means leaving my family and friends.

JC Grandma: Joseph, do not utter such words in my house.

JC Grandpa: I do not know what to say, but an ill conceived child will not… (he stops himself short)

Joseph: Will not what father? Do you want us to move?

Isaac: Move where, all you know is Nazareth.

Joseph: I do not know where but I am not leaving Mary and my unborn child. I will go to Canaan or Sinai or Bethlehem. I will go anywhere but I will never abandon my wife!

Joseph storms out of the house. Upon reaching his house, he finds his pregnant wife lying in bed.

Mary: Where have you been, Job told me you were not at Hezekiah’s, I was worried.

Joseph: You listen to Job? He is the one who started all these rumors.

Mary: What rumors?

Joseph: We have to leave, start packing we have to leave Nazareth!

Mary: What are you talking about Joseph, calm down and explain what you are saying.

Joseph: Just start packing Mary; we have to go before you are due.

tbc…next part the ‘3 wise men’.

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