Friday Quick Hits: ‘tua mata macio’

“Don’t tell mama I’m for Obama” is the unofficial motto by Obama’s campaign against Hilary Clinton for the Democratic presidential candidacy.

The motto that Obama will become familiar with is “don’t tell america Obama is black”. Even after having the best year ever for 2 consecutive years, Obama still remains black and that is umm…a problem in America.

He is well qualified and his star has risen higher than that of Tony Romo but Mr. Hussein will be advised to know that America will not vote for a black president. Even if he is a clone of Clinton, Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. It just won’t happen.

Just read this cnn report on race if you doubt that race matters in America.

Other thoughts…

Why do people say same difference? It is redundant and unnecessary, what is it supposed to mean, that the difference is the same? I don’t get it.

Morning traffic, I hope they invent those flying cars soon I can’t take this anymore.

And usually because of traffic and annoying drivers I end up cursin which brings another problem. When we were kids in the village if we ever cursed or said anything vulgar in the presence of my cucu, she used to tell us ‘ndutue mata macio na i henya’.

Loose translation, ‘spit that saliva quickly’…to get the bad words from you mouth. But now i can’t just tua mata if I curse but I still have to do something coz of the guilt.

Weird solution but I usually follow a “f*ckin bitch, you can’t see your blind spot…retarded asshole learn how to drive..’ with a sign of the cross like we do in catholic church and a bowed sorry to the heavens. it relieves some guilt and probably makes up for grandma’s solution.

Word of advice avoid eggnog and never be flattered by ‘gourmet cheese’. There is nothing gourmet about it other than the stinking smell!

As always have a good weekend everyone. Let me get ready for the weekly reverse sponsorship with Amstelizi and a tense weekend courtesy of Fantasy Football semi-finals. Wish me Luck.

2 thoughts on “Friday Quick Hits: ‘tua mata macio’

  1. same difference, bittersweet, almost done, bad luck, etc etc … oxymorons …may be to evoke humour, imagery, or even emphasis … really dunno what the english were thinking …

    as for cursin’ and related remedial measures, it’s all in the mind … ain’t nuttin’ wrong, PROVIDED the setting and context are innocuous …

  2. This country is not ready for a black president or a female one either. Race definitely matters and is often considered ahead of personal achievements or intellingence.

    ‘Same difference’ doesn’t make sense.

    Road rage is unavoidable. There’s always some driver who’ll pull a stupid stunt. Cussing helps get the anger out!

    I’ve never drank eggnog and won’t try those stinky gourmet cheeses.

    Good luck!

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