Weekend update: Recovery in Progress

Friday was supposed to be low key night but before long we find ourselves at TGIF for Happy Hour. In the name of bro’s b-day celebration. 15 Mojitos, 13 Long Islands, 11 jagerboms & a tab of $310.00. Good times, B-day celebrated.

Saturday: “Yesterday was too much, for sure today I can’t go out” I say to myself.

Hours later 2 bottles of Soco, Killer Long Islands, Amstelizi, Heineken & shots of (okay I remember the first ones were soco-lime, after that they might as well have been shots of water).

b-day celebration continued, the b-day boy wasn’t even there.

Sunday: Now the body is seriously challenging my actions and I decide to yield to its demands. No alcohol today.

Woi, was I wrong. Two friends come in...somehow Friday’s b-day celebration wasn’t enough. Shots of Grand Marnier & good old SoCo, Amstelizi’s & Beck’s and we wrap up the weekend.

b-day again is celebrated. Monday couldn’t have come earlier.

Long-story-short recovery is in progress. However it doesn’t seem like it will be long lived, my own b-day is in a few days plus it will be a 4 day xmas weekend.

Lord have mercy!

3 thoughts on “Weekend update: Recovery in Progress

  1. the devil awaits you deep in Hades, poking and stoking the embers, adding sulphur … repent my friend repent …for that day is near.

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