Quick Hits: Juicy 2007 Stories

  • Obama marries Hilary Clinton and they become a joint candidate for the democratic party only to loose to John McCain and Condy
  • Britney & Paris finally come out much to the amazement of Nicole “Skeleton” Richie who always assumed she was Paris’ one and only.
  • Scientist find out that not only is there water on Mars but a big mac sandwich is cheaper and Michael Jackson is the prime minister.
  • The UN finally stops taking it in the ass from the US. It moves its headquarters to Canada and starts flirting with China.
  • ODM-Kenya signs an MOU with Del Monte to supply Pineapples after there is a shortage of Oranges due to intense campaigning.
  • Raila wakes up in 2008 to find that not only is he not the president but Kibaki has appointed Kalonzo & Uhuru cabinet ministers in a new Government of National Unity. He later accepts a position as Minister of All talk and no show.
  • Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie adopt a Vietnamese chimp and name him Sudan.
  • Madonna adopts a Somalian male stripper.
  • R Kelly is finally tried for sex with a minor. The 26 year old accuser is forced to drop charges after admitting to having sex with Kels the night before the trial.
  • Tupac releases 2 new albums. At the premiere he cites the late 2pac as his inspiration.
  • Best ad in 2007. PC to Mac: Shut the fuck up!

Have a fun filled juicy 2007.

6 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Juicy 2007 Stories

  1. LMAO

    I like the tag. Ati Attempted Humor

    That was too funny.

    Also… the chimp one and the stripper… ha ha…..

  2. those were hilarious! ati mou for pinapples…hehehe – i wonder if they can they make pinapple necklesses like they do with oranges.

    And i like the PC to Mac one. A clear case of too much of something…

    Happy New Year.

  3. ROFL. Thank you for that intelligent humor. Very well done.

    And Happy 2007. May it have many shocking, ummm inspiring umm clandestine moments, per your post.

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