Chris Rock in Kibera

No it is not a misprint. Apparently he visited the slums to see for himself the plight of slum dwellers.

And then after seeing the plight, will manna start raining from heaven? Will every Kibera slum turn into a two storey mansion?

I am seriously growing tired of celebrity gimmicks to attract attention through ‘pity on poor Africans’ projects. I am not accusing Mr. Rock of doing so but it’s an overall disgust on his peers.

Recently Oprah opened a $40 million dollar school in South Africa. A commentator on BBC termed her action as “dropping a gallon of water in a desert” which is painfully the truth.

No need to shun such a good gesture but in the overall scheme of fighting poverty, it is almost useless. And she is to say “I had promised Mandela to build him a school as a gift”. Oh really?

Where was this Oprah of Mandela fame during Katrina? Wouldn’t her $40 million dollars contributed significantly to the plight of Katrina victims?

Or helping Katrina victims is not “in / sexy / catchy”?

And don’t even mention rappers who try to show their roots by shooting videos of African drummers…ala Mr. Ludacris.

Or Jay-Z adopting a Swahili name, Mohammed, Jay-matope or whatever name it was, during his 2 night visit in Tanzania?

It is just disgusting.

Sometimes I feel like telling these celebrities to take their attention and sprinkled dollars and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

If their World Bank / IMF and many other organization have done so little to help Africa even after ‘lending’ billions of dollars out, who is to say Oprah, Ludacris, Rock & Jay-Z are our saviors.

God bless their intentions but still fuck ‘em!

11 thoughts on “Chris Rock in Kibera

  1. I have to put this a bit well for you.
    Trust me i would rather that person who goes out of his way, whether by drop of a water in an ocean to improve just one person’s life rather than that who sees the problems of
    Africa too big to solve.

    I will hail Chris Rock if he actually comes to Mathare and does something. Apparently do you know there are so many rich Kenyans who do not turn their eyes to the poor?
    Whether a gimmick or not, we will so appreciate.

  2. hi there. i am with shiroh here whether the intentions are real or not the fact that she has done this is applausable

    and not to mention that for katrina victims the angel foundation has build over 100 homes for the homeless….please check your facts before trashing people doing charity work

    tho i do get ur point baout it being more a celebrity stunt like adopting african kids…but oprah i believe is the real deal

  3. @shiroh, Kenyans are the worst at neglecting their own. How many kenyans are so well off yet they never ever contribute time or money to the poor.
    my hope is that there is institutional changes to tackle poverty in the long run.
    but I still find it unfair for any person who uses their charity efforts as a way to raise their profiles.

  4. @anonymous, the adopting of kids form Africa & Asia just points to my concern that the angelinas/madonnas are just doing it for publicity.

    only positive is that the kids who are adopted actually do have a better life.

  5. 3N: You need to take a chill pill …
    oops … a shot of soco-lime maybe???
    Do you think these celebs can go anywhere without the media disclosing their whereabouts???
    Even if they wanted to be secretive, there are people in this country who earn a living by divulging where these guys eat,drink, and shit so its rather unfair to classify them as attention seekers.
    Furthermore, even assuming they basked in their new found publicity, can u deny that Oprah’s school will help lotsa people in SA?
    Where was the US govt. during Katrina?? Thats the real question – Oprah has no obligation whatsoever to contribute to the public good (other than in taxes) – plus she has done tons of charitable work in the U.S.
    As for Jay-Z,thats my dawg right there … he can do whatever he wants …

  6. @anonymous I give what I can afford and will continue to. I am yet to enter a ‘who gives the most to charity’ competition.

  7. Am with Shiroh on this one. Am even more radical regarding what Chris does with his time – let him come to Mathare and see how people live – he doesn’t even have to do aything about it. I reckon its his time or isn’t it? There are many of us Kenyans contributing in our own little ways to assisting the less fortunate and though the effects are not visible, even spending time talking to that young man in the slums about pursuing his dreams could go a long way in changing his life. Finally on the issue of Oprah, is there anything more empowering than access to a good education and a chance to be someone?

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