fun facts

this website has a ton of useless but interesting / weird facts.

  • The animal responsible for the most human deaths worldwide is the mosquito.
    • yet malaria is one of the easiest disease to prevent.
  • The Bible, the world’s best-selling book, is also the world’s most shoplifted book.
    • now thats a straight ticket to hell
  • Overall, 38 % of the estimated 210 million pregnancies that occur worldwide each year are unintentional; 22 percent end in abortion.
    • if the difference in age between you and your sibling is more than 4 years, then most likely you are one of the unintended children.
  • Organized crime is estimated to account for 10% of the United States’ national income.
    • unorganized corporate crime accounts for the remaining 90% of US income.
  • Men get hiccups more often than women.
    • but women complain more about their hiccups.

6 thoughts on “fun facts

  1. economies of scale considered, the bible costs next to nothing to print. there is no new content, they only change the font schemes and the cover graphics. if they wanted it free, it’d be no problem, but welcome to capitalism,where there is no free lunch, even for God. Incidentally,what happens to offerings and tithes and donations ? Perpetual church renovations? Try a bigger house/car for the religious leaders …

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