Are you a free spirit?

Do you consider yourself a free spirit? Wiki definition of free spirit “refers to a human being who feels unconstrained by convention”

Are you the kind that will let go and get on the table and amuse your friends with awkward dance moves, without the fear of being termed slutty?

Or were you the kid who kept away from playing with others so that your school uniform wouldn’t get dirty?

How true is the definition of free spirit? It is quite unrealistic that there is a person who is not constrained at least by some of society’s unwritten moral expectations.

And not that being a free spirit implies one has no morals. Free spirit has to do more with ones approach to life…how they plan, execute, mourn, celebrate etc.

To me a free spirit is a person who can let go, let loose…

It’s the opposite of being too uptight, too careful and calculative in one’s life. Not that there is anything wrong with being calculative and careful either.

We had a heated argument with friends trying to define who is a free spirit and who is not among us.

Maybe uptight is not the right word to describe the opposite of free spirit but nevertheless all of my friends wanted to be at least credited with at least an ounce of free spirit.

Are you a free spirit?

8 thoughts on “Are you a free spirit?

  1. quintessence, now you are bound to go to a bar and get on the table and dance awkwardly to amuse your

    mwangi either are or not. situational dictations means that your are constrained by society’s expectations.

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