Quick Hits: American Idol / Idiots

Borat has nothing on the first few episodes of American Idol. I was rolling on the floor literally listening to some of the contestants try to sing.

I do not know how their parents / friends / enemies / strangers, do not tell them way before that they just can’t sing.

You hold your breath awaiting the next blunder of a contenstants, you feel sorry but you can’t stop yourself from laughing.

And what is wrong with the black judge. Next time he utters ‘dude’ again, I hope he chokes and swallows his fake black ass.

Other tidbits…

Looks like the firestorm that is Kenyan politics is brewing right on schedule. I hope though election is still in December so that exiles like us can come and vote.

In other news black athletes are becoming a major contributiong factor to America’s high divorce rate. Michael Jordan, Strahan and now Jason Kidd are shelling out lump sums to ex wives.

I tell you Kobe looked stupid buying a 4 million dollar ring but in hindsight he probably saved himself 20 Mil in divorce settlement.

Shut the bitch, sorry I mean wife, with a million dollar gift and save yourself half your assets!

In NFL news Peyton with an ‘e’, Manning better beat Patriots and Brady this weekend. Otherwise he will now really have a huge ass monkey on his back for the rest of his career.

On the political front, it is now confirmed Obama will be a presidential candidate. Will the real America please stand up? Good Luck Senator!

This post is finito enjoy the rest of your week.

4 thoughts on “Quick Hits: American Idol / Idiots

  1. I feel for strahan man, and he had prenup what was he looking at when signing?

    Ha ha Kobe prolly saved himself more than that he has no prenup, prolly 100 mil plus

  2. msanii, Strahan is just stupid whats the point of signing a prenup that gives your wife 50% of all assets?

    and then ati his wife was questioning his sexuality, ouch!

  3. If you are a multi millionare do not marry! It is that simple, I mean 50% of marriages in America fail. So why enter a venture that you know has a 50% chance of going down and cleaning you out at the same time?

  4. acolyte, what if you marry poor then become a millionare? I guess just divorce your spouse before they divorce you…

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