The Reverend Bishop 3N declares for presidency:

Dear followers of the Lords Chosen 3N Ministry for his Glory,

I greet you in the name of our lord and savior. As you know our ministry has soared in popularity over the last 5 years. We have expanded into Boston, London and even Thika. And for this, glory be to his name. But the good lord tells us that one cannot stop to worship and serve his people.

I have thought tirelessly how we can expand our service to the lord. And while I was in New York with my spiritual adviser of the Manhattan Bank Ministry, I had the following vision.

It was revealed to me by the almighty that I should serve the lord in the highest leadership position in Kenya, the presidency.

The lord showed me a State House filled with his spirit. He showed me a house with golden tents of worship. He showed me a house filled with his servants serving the lord through my leadership.

The lord showed a campaign where each one of you will support me spiritually and financially to accomplish my goal of becoming the president of The Lord’s Republic of Kenya.

My spiritual adviser in Manhattan imitated that for a successful and religious campaign, you my supporters, will have to part with a bigger part of your pay than the lord has previously required.

I trust that you still believe that whatever you give to God will be returned in ten folds.

My followers let me warn you that there are those who will be against the will of God during the campaign. They will say they are the fathers of my children. They will say I might have been involved in the Goldenberg scandal. They will ask, Bishop 3N, how have you acquired such a vast amount of wealth in only a period of five years?

But do not take their word seriously for only the Lord knows the truth. And until judgement the truth will remain with him. The nay sayers do not question my ability and integrity as a presidential candidate but rather the will of God.

We will pray that whoever opposes our campaign will not only burn in hell but in the meantime will be devastated with disease on earth, preferably the incurable kind such as Ebola, aids or cancer.

We will pray that anyone who opposes your Bishop will be poor, wear rags for clothing and beg for food. We will pray for their misery because no one deserves happiness if they do not support your Bishop and his ambition to be Kenya’s holiest president.

I thank you for you continued support and I urge you to keep your faith strong in God, our Ministry and my leadership. I also urge you to work hard for the challenging financial times we will overcome together.

Your leader in Life and in Spirit,

The Reverend Bishop 3N.

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