drunk vibes

I always wondered what a soco lime, ta-killa shotz, amstelizi blog would be like? Well logic wont server any purpose here, but here is drunk vibes.

my friend doesn’t believe in Darwin’s theory, at this time Darwin’s theory might as well be Raila’s I am going to be Kenyan’s president theory.

She also says she believes in Jesus is God’s son theory, but that is neither here nor there.

She says God can always see your doubts. She asks how one man can die for everyone? He can’t? Unless he is the son of God, she says.

Then its the big bang theory in question. She asks how can a big bang theory be there without explaining where any Bing bang came from in the first plae? beats me too!

Then ati son of God! How can we prove anyone is God’s son? What about God’s daughters?

JM says its pure logic, everyone believes in GOD but they do not understand!

I say this night has gone too long and it has been one too many soco-limes, too many amstelizis and Sunday is getting too close

so enough of this, you either believe or you don’t. cheers people and goodnight.

2 thoughts on “drunk vibes

  1. that’s what me stay all night in bars. too bad i also drink then end up providing conversation myself. logic tends to flow when the pints are doing the same. kwanza when chasing with tequila….tsk tsk tsk…

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