Think you can identify a Kenyan? Take the test!

Our fellow country men can be identified from a far with their dressing and social behaviors. Can you identify with any of the traits below? What tribal bases are these folks from?

Mind you the characteristics below are not stereotypes, okay some are, but even stereotypes are not formed from thin air!

So here it go…

  1. You will see one of them on a Saturday afternoon with their Sunday best waiting to usher in a night of heavy drinking. With a closer look you will notice that most of them the top 2 or 3 buttons of their shirts are unbuttoned leaving their chests open for the world to see. A ‘godfather’ hat will surely give away their identity. Who are they?
  2. This guy is known to have different mobile lines for entertainment, business, personal etc. He is also known to let fellow mates know the model, make, upholstery and year of one of his cars. You can hear him explain that ‘and I only use this auto for a Sunday afternoon drive’. Yeye ni nani?
  3. You will see two guys holding hands strolling down moi avenue with no worry. They are oblivious to the fact that one might confuse their closeness for gayness. Their love for a certain domesticated bird is unparalleled! Mi ni nani pwana?
  4. Beside the stench that comes with this fellow and his family, he is known to ignore his natural waist and wear his pants tightly tied around his belly. This fellow who is a natural born trader will trust no one but his own kind. He gives no discounts and hires a lot of number 3 fellows!
  5. Then once in a while you will see a bright yellow tee-shirt tacked in tightly into a green pair of pants. The fellow’s profession of choice will be towards masonry, painting, plumbing. Who is this guy?

Name all five and you can win a free trip for you and a guest to the premier of the new movie “Kubaff wewe, free gift kitu gani?” coming soon to a theater near you.

5 thoughts on “Think you can identify a Kenyan? Take the test!

  1. 1. Kamau

    2. Onyango

    3. Mulindi

    4. Kumar

    5. Mutua

    Now where is my gift? ROTFL Kubaff! after all that work!? 🙂

  2. @mwangi..umenoa
    aegeus, good job. now send a signed cheque so that I can confirm your bank details and send your gift…lol

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