Analyze This! Kalonzo dinner for $100.00 and Githongo does whatever it is he is supposed to be doing!

Yes Githongo it will even get hotter real soon!

“Now and again the odd fool will tell me that I have done the Gikuyu community a great disservice … my employment contract did not say Gikuyu Inc. at the top. I was employed by the Kenyan people.’’
‘Githongo for Sainthood’ campaign on Standard.

Mr. Githongo, your employment did not say Ambassador’s Edward Clay’s bitch at the top either! Yet you sold our country to our colonialists. You served them first before you served any Kenyan.

Maybe all you were after was becoming an internationally recognized figure so that you can earn appearances fees for the rest of your life!

Its not like you did not do any good for Kenya, you did and could potentially contribute to the future of our country. But first you need to let Raila’s hand go and get over yourself just for 1 minute.

I wouldn’t be very angry at you if it wasn’t for your betrayal of our country. You took our Uhuru and the struggle that the likes of Kimathi, Kenyatta and Mboya endured; you rolled it up and shoved it up their asses.

Then you sat in the comfort of a London penthouse, in the land of our colonizers and declared self Exile!

Sorry Githongo but you need be very careful before your reputation is hurt and you have no place in the mind and heart of sensible Kenyans.

Yes Kenya is corrupt and yes Mwiraria and a few others in Kibaki’s government are involved but we will not solve anything by the method that Githongo is subscribing.

If you are in doubt, vote for ODM-K and let us see if corruption will disappear come January 2008.

Ours is a systematic problem which requires sustainable institutional changes. Not that Kibaki has done the best towards this end but we have no guarantees that whoever our next president is, we will not have 3 more Anglo Leasings!

My advice Mr. Githongo, tread carefully. Have our country in your heart and if you are our savior indeed, then act like one!

In other news Kalonzo will be coming to a dinner table near you for a small sacrifice of your hard earned $100.00, to fund Kalonzo for Presidency.

I won’t say much on this other than that Hell No! I am a Kenyan voter, not a Washington DC lobbyist! We bribe politicians once they are in power not before. That is the Kenyan way! What is wrong with you Mr. Musyoka!?

Anway see you at Musyoka’s dinner and have a peaceful non-‘Githongo Worship’ day!

19 thoughts on “Analyze This! Kalonzo dinner for $100.00 and Githongo does whatever it is he is supposed to be doing!

  1. How is Githongo shaming his country? coz he has exposed politicians to be the scum of the earth? ama he was the only one brave enough to tell the emperor that he was naked?

    If you had his job, and discovered Anglo Leasing, what would you have done?

  2. I’m with Udi on this one. Its like the folk on the traitor bit assume our justice system is this well oiled machine that would have worked…

    the same goverment that did nothing with what munyakei had uncovered..way to faith in them Githongo.

    lol..why are you sprinkling the words uhuru and struggle and the same govt has an ex homeguard in there?

    in any case i concurr that the govt should take the bits of good he did and use it pronto..

  3. JM, Eastafrican…welcome to the choir!
    @ Udi & Msanii…I give credit to Githongo for being a whistle blower but it is his method that I don’t agree with.
    If you tell me you are comfortable with government officials confiding with foreigners, then Githongo did nothing wrong.
    If I was in his position I would have insisted on informing the President and if that doesn’t work hand over all my evidence to the Kenyan media then flee for my life, lol.
    I agree Msanii the gov’t should do more. But that doesn’t excuse Githongo of ‘conduct detrimental to the sovereignty of Kenya’.

  4. Didnt he do that. the president has had those files for two years. What have those files been doing? Waiting for Lucy to review? There is no storo of confiding with foreginers. Thats what Beth Mugo and her like want us to believe.

    How does Britain benefit when Githongo tells us who is fleecing our treasury coffers?

  5. Udi , he confided in Ambassador Clay. I don’t know why and I don’t know how it helps them…maybe because our relationship with Brito has been detereorating since Kibaki took over and refused to renew contracts with the UK that still
    had colonial and oppressive terms.

    “You also asked why British High Commissioner Clay had been so upset with Muthaura’s statement, to which I reported that I had also met with Clay and could confirm that he was deeply upset with Muthaura’s statement.

    above is from Githongo’s Dossier to president Kibaki.

  6. Which is the bigger betrayal, Githongo telling the British or a government stealing from its own people?

    3N, would you say that during the agitation for multi-partism, the Kiraitus and the Railas betrayed Kenya when they had the support of Smith Hempston, the American?

    Githongo just used the options available to him. This talk of giving it to the Kenyan media or clergy is just that, brouhaha! We all can guess where the dossier would have ended.

    Both the media and clergy are a good reflection of how partisan Kenya has become!

  7. maybe because our relationship with Brito has been detereorating since Kibaki took over and refused to renew contracts with the UK that still
    had colonial and oppressive terms”

    Might be true.But it could be that Kibaki and cronies wanted a bigger share of the pie for their own. If Moi who was a P1 teacher was getting for example 10% as kickbak, maybe Kibaki and Co. wanted 20% especially since their time was limited. The Kenyan Govt wasnt negotiating those contracts on behalf of the country. The did it coz they wanted to steal cash. They are just pised of that they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Whether Githongo was working for Britain or Jupiter is not of importance. What is important is whether he did the job he was hired to do.

  8. So now that Kibaki’s government is corrupt and Githongo exposed them we are supposed to accept any misdeeds by the said Githongo? I don’t agree.
    Udi & AK tell me if Githongo did his job then why is he in self exile?
    And don’t say security, he has been guaranteed security by the government plus Kibaki is smart enough to know that if anything happened to Githongo, Kibaki’s government would be finished.
    By the way when a parliamentary committee went to see him in London, how comes he did not hand them the tapes then?
    I will not be surprised he comes up with more evidence and finally points out Kibaki given 2007 is an election year.

  9. LOL. I risk my life coz if I die, the govt will be finished. Ask yourself if you would risk your own life? Do you know Bishop Muge died in a “road accident”

    Githongo has done no wrong. He has done the same thing the Goldernberg guy did. Except Githongo has a larger platform to reveal his findings.

    Come on. PAC is a toothless dog. Why give them evidence and yet they cant even legally use them.

  10. Let us say for now all we can do is wait.
    I assume that Githongo will have to testify in the future against those he has mentioned, it would only be fair.
    Only then will we know how genuine he was.

  11. 3N,
    Why do you assume he did not show the tapes to the PAC? Ringera has acknowledged having them since February and all he could come up with is they are “unintelligible”.

    Secondly you quote Githongo saying he had a conversation with the British High Commissioner. If that’s a crime, then you should be jumping on kina Kibaki et al for their dealings with Smith Hempstone in the 90s, as ak says (and you conveniently ignore). And even if, for the sake of argument, we allow that it wrong, surely that misstep pales into insignificance compared to the government’s malfeasance. A case of straining the gnat and swallowing the camel if I ever saw one.

    Finally, Githongo has done everything you have demanded of him and you still are unwilling to give him the benefit of the doubt. What does that say about your biases?

  12. Trust me Gathara, I have no bias whatsoever against Githongo.
    It’s seems that because Githongo exposed Anglo and again I do not want to undermine his sacrifice, but we are willing to forego any wrongdoing he has done since.
    And your argument about akina Kibaki dealings Hempstone as a counter to Githongo dealing with Clay is fundamentally flawed.
    I do not know the specifics of Kibaki’s dealings but if he jeopardized the sovereignty of our nation, he also faulted.
    It is the equivalent of arguing that since Kamlesh, Moi & Co also stole public funds in Goldenberg then we cannot go after Mwiraria and the likes for Anglo Leasing!

  13. I cant get the jist of your argument. How does Githongo affect the sovereignity of our government. Coz he informed the British Ambassador that their AID money is being stolen by Kibaki and Co?

  14. First of all it was never Britain’s Aid money…it is Kenyan’s taxpayer’s money.
    Second he affected the sovereignty of our nation by being loyal to a foreign government / ambassador while serving as high ranking government official.
    From his Dossier it is clear that he had not exhausted every channel to inform Kibaki about corruption in his administration.
    And it is clear also from Githongo’s own words that Kibz was not aware of everything that was Anglo-leasing.
    Why Githongo briefed H.E. and the UK ambassador simultaneously, it beats every logic to me.
    Maybe am overly concerned about Kenya as a sovereign nation, I thought every Kenyan would be, perhaps it is the reason I am not jumping onto Githongo’s bandwagon and crowning him Kenya’s Savior.

  15. 3n,
    How does his having a conversation with Clay injure our sovereignty? How does his exposing corruption translate to his being disloyal to Kenya? Where is the evidence for your absurd claim that he “briefed H.E. and the UK ambassador simultaneously”?

    He has repeatedly said that he informed the President about the Anglo-Lasing saga but the guy was simply not interested in getting down to the root of the matter. Where did you get the impression that Kibaki was “not aware of everything that was Anglo-leasing”?

  16. Gathara, from Githongo’s dossier or diary of events. He was briefing the president as he continued to uncover more Anglo-leasing dirt.
    Is it your argument that prior to Githongo briefing the president, Kibaki knew all along about the whole corruption scheme.
    Remember even today Githongo has never imitated that Kibaki was directly involved, and even the opposition has only accused him of not taking action.
    Please enlighten me if I am missing something.

  17. Githongo briefs the President. The latter feigns interest, does nothing while the former is approeched by Kibaki’s close friends andasked to drop the matter. Still, Kibaki does nothing. Eventually Githongo flees the country, fearing for his life. Still Kibaki does nothing. And now 3n would have us believe that it is because he did not know about it! Get serious.
    The Kikuyu have a saying: “Gutiri muici na mwiroreri” (There is no difference between the thief and the onlooker). Kibaki has is not only guilty of abdicating his responsibility to protect public resources, he is also guilty of aiding and abetting the crime itself by using his office privileges to protect the thieves.

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