Friday Quick Hits…subtraction by addition.

The regional director of Amstelizi is to call the other day and accuse me of Githongo like behavior. Ati their sales are down and after exhaustive research they have pinned it down me, accusing me of being a slut for shotoz lately. Of which I pass the blame to ms. soco-lime.

So I will respond and resume my aggressive marketing of their product this weekend. Mind you I will not only market but also hold myself responsible for sales & consumption.

Then there is my bank account. This thing has its own sense of humor. Ati “you have no sufficient funds at this time”, good joke but I have this one far too many times.

And if you have ever suffered from a ‘non-sufficient fund’ dilemma you know what to do. Cross your fingers, deduct one zero from the figure you had earlier communicated to the account and hope they won’t put a smiley face on the line reserved for ‘available balance’.

Other tidbits…

  • The bears will win next weekend. There is too much feel good story with Dungy & Manning and even though I would like them to win I see ‘Oakland whooped by Buccaneers several years ago’ written all over this Super Bowl.
  • Its cold like hell, what happened to Al Gore’s movie and global warming? I don’t know which earth is warmer definitely not where am at.
  • The world social forum is over…result? The poor are still poor and the richer even richer! But at least they attended a conference to bitch about their positions, propose solutions and wait for next year’s retreat to repeat this process.
  • Also from the WSF the Kenyan Gay & Lesbian community gains momentum in demanding their civil rights. I commend their braveness. Any Kenyan whether gay, lesbian, heterosexual has a right to be treated fairly.
  • Australian Open – I am not a religious tennis player but I never miss a chance to see Serena wiggle her big racket to a championship.

That is that for today, have a good weekend everyone.

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