Superbowl XLI Prediction: Bears will beat Colts

If you are not an American Football fan sorry…this is super bowl week no other post would be relevant.

This is the time of year when ESPN is on football overdose. The rest of the media becomes obsessed with everything Manning, black coach winning, Rex Grossman choking etc. I say enough already, let’s wait for the damn game before we label Manning as having won ‘the big one’ and Grossman as the ultimate choker.

Anyway here are my reasons why Bears will win. (I wouldn’t mind Colts winning but it is too much fun to root for the underdog while the rest of the world sings Manning’s praises).

  • Indiana Hype: I have never seen an over hyped team like the colts going into this game. It’s Manning this, Dungy that…are they playing against themselves?
    • Remember 4 weeks ago people were asking whether Indiana could even win their first playoff game, now they are 7 points favorite over bears. Is Vegas serious?? If you are a betting person please put your money on Bears, they will at least cover the 7 point spread.
  • Media overreaction on Grossman’s play: I don’t believe that anyone gets to the super bowl by luck or coincidence. You earn it. The bears have earned it with their defense and yes with their offense led by Rex Grossman.
    • Who won the divisional game with an impressive drive in the third quarter? Wasn’t it Grossman? Lovie Smith has had faith in him for with good reason, Bears will not loose because of Rex. In fact they will win because of his performance. All he has to do is avoid turnovers and let their running game do the rest.
  • Special teams: Indiana allowed Patriots to keep hope in the conference championship game by mostly allowing long returns by New England’s special teams. Can you imagine the smile on Denis Hester’s face this week?
    • The rookie already has the NFL record for touchdowns returned; he will obliterate colts special team. Special team will at least get 1 touchdown.
  • Bears Defense: This is the one reason why the colts will loose! They have gotten where they are mostly by forcing turnover and physically molesting quarterbacks.
    • Peyton Manning please meet Brian Urlacher! Bears defense until late in the year was 2nd in the NFL. They will not only force turnovers but also score at least 1 touchdown.
    • And how did Manning & Co do against Baltimore’s defense? Manning and his great offense did not score a single touchdown. It is Vinatieri who scored all 15 points.
    • If Indian is ever down by 7 or more in this game, forget any comeback against this defense.

A great defense will always beat a great offense. Always.

Therefore Bears will win. By how much, don’t ask me. Any analyst who predicts a game score is merely a fancy sounding genuine bull shitter. Otherwise he or she would be in Vegas betting fulltime and raking in money like a pimp on a Friday night.

4 thoughts on “Superbowl XLI Prediction: Bears will beat Colts

  1. “Media overreaction on Grossman’s play: I don’t believe that anyone gets to the super bowl by luck or coincidence” …true its maddening its like they are falling all over themselves to compare him to trent dilfer(arguably the worst qb to win an sb)

    Devin hester is salivating, plus indy’s kickoffs are really weak, if he doesn’t fumble , bear willhave good field position all day.

    The only prob with Bears i think is their safety spots….manning might decide to pick on them

  2. Msanii, they can probably hide their safety weakness by rushing Manning such that he has to make quicker throws which often lead to lower percentage completions.
    Either way I figure it will be a close one.

  3. I have long been a believer in the ‘defense wins championships’ mantra but with this Indy offense, it could actually be good enough to overcome that D. I’m picking the bears to win this one sentimentally despite everything else pointing to a Manning&Co. win.

    If Chicago can get it’s running game going, I believe they have a chance, keep the Indy offense off the field and it also doesn’t let Grossman make some of those boneheaded plays he is well known for. I’m an ardent New England fan so i’d hate the lovefest between Manning and the media that would ensue if those dolts (oops), colts win the superbowl. My prediction Chicago 28 – Indy 17. MVP Muhsin Muhammad (or however you spell his name)..

  4. Manning will definitely get thro bears defense and chicago’s running game might not take them anywhere this time. I think Manning will be much careful of the defense and i predict he will be sacked once. No need to worry about David Hester, this is indiana, i dont see him making any punt returns… colts got it 35- 20 (or 22 coz i see Rex giving a safety)

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