A lil weed never did anyone harm.

“You think that you are the only person to use this lame excuse? First time my ass, you don’t own a pipe if you don’t do this regularly”…the officer alleged.

Sincerely it was my first time and the pipe actually belonged to my friend who was the regular offender.

You see we had just lost to Duke in the final four and everyone was in the streets looting, burning; girls flashing…it was a full blow riot.

Long story short, here was the officer with evidence in his hands and I nervous as hell contemplating on how to ease this latest debacle to my father.

But alas whenever there is an idiot in a crowd (I), there is bound to be several others trying to outdo the first. This genius who later becomes my savior lights up a couch in the balcony and then throws it down from the first floor. And upon seeing this the cop orders my pal and I to stay put and rushes to the burning couch area.

Somehow and I credit God and or the confusion of a chaotic night, the officer had not yet confiscated our IDs. So as soon as he disappeared into the crowd we earned our ‘are you Kenyan; Can you run?’ vindication. In less than 10 minutes we were at home watching the riot on TV and drinking the rest of the night away.

So I survived my first mary-jane encounter unharmed, un-arrested but still vowing never again to indulge in the poison of choice that has been a lifetime inspiration to Snoop Dog’s career.

Sadly even today I can’t tell you what kind of high it was. After that many beers and multiple shotoz of college funded type liquor there was no differentiating highs. I was at a point of no ‘higher’ in spite of marijuana being introduced.

But what had me reminiscing on this night is a workmate who not only admits he is a regular burner but also has the audacity to claim it ‘connects him to his roots’. To what roots? Unless I am missing anything his roots would be umm….Maine where his family originates.

Anyway it’s one thing to do weed in college, after all college is harsh and there nothing much to it other than education, getting high and heavy fornication. But a regular smoker in his 30’s and a working professional, it is inexcusable.

Weed and other irregular social stimulants are supposed to be part of an experimental phase in college; just like the way young chilez nowadays view lesbianism as a right of passage?

7 thoughts on “A lil weed never did anyone harm.

  1. Caught with a pipe?! You might as well have been caught with a half-full can of gas in front of an apartment building on fire! lol!

    It’s almost impossible not to bump into Mary Jane while on U.S. soil, what can I say. Glad u got away tho. Run Forrest, Run? Bullsh*t. I say Run 3N, run!

  2. Glad you weren’t busted by that cop!! I attended a Sean Paul concert and folks were just lighting up during the event and when he came on stage you could tell he had indulged in illegal substances as well.

  3. You so caught a lucky break. I have not indulged so i cannot share a story, but i have seen its effects. They are so varied it is amazing, it makes others hyper, others dull, and some zii, nada, no effect.

  4. @njeri, you are lucky the guy offered you pure weed, my friend was offered in a hanye what he thought was weed…the guy was crawling his way into the house.
    @princess…it comes with the territory reggae & weed. what I don’t know is what canadians excuse is coz if you ever enter one of their underground club I bet it would be just like the concert.
    @aegeus, you should try at least once then you can know how it affects you.
    thanks everyone for stopping by.

  5. What a funny story! Running skills do come in handy….

    Medical mj is legal in some states, but it’s illegal under federal law. The amount you have also matters.

    There’s always a joint going around at most concerts.

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