Political Progress in Kenya

“Let no one be fooled by the rhetoric coming from the ODM-Kenya and Narc-Kenya. Some of the main actors are all far too familiar to Kenyans. Once in power, left on their own, they will easily revert to complacency and autocracy, as would happen anywhere else in the world.”

The above quote is by Mr. Ibrahim Mwathane who in this short article summarizes the current Kenyan political situation better than anything I have read so far. It is worth reading.

Basically he argues that we shouldn’t get exercised over this year’s campaigns assuming that change or status-quo in leadership will bring any of the promises made on the campaign trail.

We forget that there has been progress in Kenya. And this is not the progress that Narc-Kenya will claim and ODM will challenge throughout the campaign. It is not the 5.8% economic growth or free primary education.

It is progress in terms of our country slowly increasing democratic space that allow gains in freedoms of press, neutrality in civil service and political competitiveness.

Slow but certainly positive change in these vital institutions is the key to true democracy and will lay the foundation for an institution and policy dictated Kenya.

The man or woman who sits in the Statehouse come 2008 cannot have success if institutional changes are not addressed.

It is obviously going to be a very heated year in politics and we will witness a very polarizing campaign pitting Kibaki’s supporters versus ODM supporters.

And while mudslinging will be a common theme, it is important for us to acknowledge that our country is progressing in the right direction.

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