Uncommon Sense

Common sense according to Webster is “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts”…blah, blah, blah Webster!

In much simpler non-prudent terms my definition is ‘sense which is common’. In that majority of people would deem whatever is in question to be sensible.

I argue that common sense therefore is not necessarily what is sensible but rather an idea that becomes popular thus common and eventually deemed sensible.

To no one’s surprise that is as far as I got into philosophy 101. Its continues to be a daunting task to imagine that so much of the empty space in my kichwa once held vibrant healthy brain cells trading stories.

Anyway, lets get to weekend tidbits and random thoughts courtesy of my inverse sponsorship with Amstelizi.

First thing first, mark Friday February 2nd as the longest day EVER. It has been 2:30pm since like 11:02am. You know how you check the clock after like 45 minutes and find that it has moved from 1:00pm to 1:03pm mpaka you are almost checking the second ticker to see if it is at least nearing 1:04, today has been one of those days.

It will be a nightmarish Sunday night for one Peyton Manning who will keep seeing recurring scenes of Brian Urlacher siacking him to the ground.

Poor Peyton he will wish he born a few laters, named Eli and played for Giants.

Also on the super bowl nonsense, is there any logical explanation that Monday after super bowl is not an American national holiday. I say that should be common sense by now!

Oh, and K-fed announced via his new website that he has formed an exploration committee to gauge his chances of still being famous 2 months from this long ass Friday.

That’s that folks, have non-sensical fun filled weekend.


3 thoughts on “Uncommon Sense

  1. I soooooo feel your pain!! Today I was stuck in looooong meetings and I thought the day would never end!!! At least they ended the day with Happy Hour although I am not drinking right now, but it was good to just mingle and not worry about work for a few minutes!!!

    Then I found out that my team is working kesho!! I managed to ensure that we don’t work Sunday so that is a small consolation!!!

    Now I am chilling waiting for my take-out to arrive so I can eat dinner and watch movies!!

  2. GO BEARS!!!( Which isn’t even my official team..lakini not only do I think they’re the better team, I’m supporting them to thoroughly piss of my Packer buddy, who talked mad trash when they played the water-logged saints..muahahaha!)
    Oh..and ditto on Super Monday being a public holiday!!

    Have a great one!

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