Manning & Dungy win the Christian Way

Congratulations to Manning & Dungy for winning the big one, long overdue and well deserved.

Now I will fold my tail and bury myself for predicting your demise in the hands of Bears. And the Manning mania I was fearing will definitely now reach an all time high.

And what makes the bears loss harder to swallow you can’t even blame Rex Grossman. Bears just got it handed to them.

By the way, one peculiar note from the Super Bowl. Tony Dungy said that “finally we have shown that one can win using the right way, the Christian way”. I respect Dungy’s religious beliefs but I believe that was an inappropriate statement.

Is it to say all the other Super Bowl winners have won the ‘wrong’ way, the anti-Christian way? I don’t believe that it is fair teveryone who won prior to Dungy’s Colts.

Good thing though is that Dungy probably didn’t mean it to come out in a negative way, plus the media will never dispute / discuss his statement since no one wants to argue on religion and especially in public.

Oh and the ads were useless. What happened to the great SB ads of the late 90’s and early 2000’s? Very lame ads…a C- effort by the advertisers.

7 thoughts on “Manning & Dungy win the Christian Way

  1. Ok..

    Im back.

    Bears thought that Manning was going to make big throws… but he didnt. So they left people open and plays were made by the COLTS…

    I could write a whole sermon about that game but let me just say…….


    Oh… and I think there is alot that goes on in the NFL that we dont know about hence the “right way” comment. Dont forget the way he was kicked out of Tampa Bay!

    Also, many have said that coaches in the NFL become obsessed with the game they forget about God and family. Supposedly, Bellichik [sp?] does not have time for his famo and the Tampa Bay dude forgets his kids names or something like that so… yeah… Dungy is the Anti-Crazy-Coach??? I dont know.. Im guessing here!

    And Rex played horribly.

    And to think after the 1st half or was it quarter [I was tipsy kidogo] he had a higher quarter back rating than Manning!!!!!

  2. movie buff…seems you haven’t calmed down from the win yet, lol.
    tipsy after 1st quater, did you even make jobo today?

    you are right Lovie Smith & Dungy are the anti swearing, screaming, threatening that most coaches (akina Gruden, Billichek) are…they are God fearing family men.
    and if you put the family angle and firing from Tampa then the right way comment doesn’t seem all too irrelevant. It was probably Dungy’s polite way of ‘in your face’ Tampa.

    Advise to Grossman, do not go anywhere near the city of Chicago for at least 6 months…plus you might want to start polishing your resume. Or at the least work on a few clipboad holding moves over the summer.

    all is not lost though, Bears will get Garcia and possibly be back to the superbowl next year (NFC is too weak)

    Of course they will be underdog which will force me to root for them again

    this time I swear to be tipsy before the start of the 2nd qtr…that is probably what sealed the win for you guys.

  3. fuk peyton and his famo. ahhh, i feel better

    As for Belichik, i dont believe its true he doesnt spend time with his famo. His son is always on the sidelines and they did a special on him and how his tois are always with him during game time. The one coach who needs to put kis kids in check right now is Andy Reid.

  4. Rex…was aiight till the first INT..they still had chance.

    the GOATS are the Defense…dudes could not do shit. getting killed on draw plays and dinks they played ass cheeks….for a minute there i wish it was the skins d and they every-down-blitzing-asses.

    Smh@ the judge letting tank jones travel to MIA.

    awaits manning phobia to reach to nauseating levels.

    I didn’t neccesarily see anything wrong with dungy said, he lives his life according to his faith…so. The owner said something about good and faith too…

    props to Dungy..and manning

  5. i got the Belichik info from ESPN. They highlighted it when his dad died. So i guess it depends on which source u decide to believe. and please note I said “I dont believe”. Si ati its wrong. Same way I can say “I dont believe Jesus was white rather he was black”

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