What the hell is wrong with Kenyan Bishops?

The Skeleton in the image above courtesy of the Daily Mail is apparently the source of debate by Kenyan evangelists in their opposition to Kenya’s National Museum planned exhibition later this year.

Turkana Boy pictured here is the most complete skeleton of a prehistoric human ever found and will be in public display for the first time.

And somehow the Kenya Evangelical church via their lead Bishop Adoyo would like to call all their followers to boycott the exhibition.

My question is WHY? What are you boycotting? For the right to force everyone to believe in the creation theory?

It is one thing to not believe in evolution of mankind but another to demand that our National Museum not display perhaps the most important artifact in human evolution archeology.

Such exhibitions are not only important to understanding humanity and nature but also vital to our Tourism and related Services industries.

Bishop Adoyo fellow is to remark that “These sorts of silly views are killing our faith” shamelessly belittling theories of evolution in a meaningless phrase.

I cautiously assume that a Bishop should be knowledgeable enough not to just disregard science in this manner.

Maybe after all is said and done, science will help explain some of our religious beliefs? There is no way God gave us knowledge for nothing.

I wonder how silly Bishop Adoyo views science when he gets sick and has to visit one of those ‘non scientist trained’ doctors who is not killing his faith.

5 thoughts on “What the hell is wrong with Kenyan Bishops?

  1. Please understand our pastors. To them, the museum entry fee is better used as sadaka, which would later finance political campaigns. What a gimmick.

  2. ai!i dont know!you would think that this could be a platform for spreading the gospel. that skeleton was still made by God was’nt it not?I think that if you believe you shouldnt feel threatened. but i dont know. lets not judge him, we dont know why he’s doing it

  3. @kenyanomics, lol…you are right sadaka is exactly what our bishops are all about.
    @mama shady..good point didn’t God create everything on earth, why distance yourself from the skeleton then? we should judge him, I can bet he is up to no good.

  4. I do think that there are far more pressing issues for Kenyan preachers to look after such as the poor leadership Kenyans are under, the increase of immorality in Kenya and such. Most Kenyans have more weighing on them to be bothered with such issues.
    Those Bishops are of no use to the people!

  5. I bet the boycott will bring even more publicity to the exhibition. I, for one, hadn’t heard about it but now I’d like to see it.

    Religious leaders need to get in touch with current discoveries and knowledge. You’re so right about them liking science when it’s convenient.

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